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Can ex refused to allow my DP to collect my child?

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oldsoaksally Fri 25-Oct-13 21:39:42

Ex has said that he will not hand over our child to anyone but me when it comes to pick ups. He said he will be making a request to the school to ensure DP nor anyone else can do pick ups. Can he do this? I work a lot and my DP or friend sometimes collects our child from him. He is saying this is going to stop. I rely on my partner to collect a lot.

emmalcp78 Wed 30-Oct-13 14:43:08

I agree, he would be in breach of the contact order if he didn't let your DP have him back on your behalf. He's just making trouble. My ex did the same. Trouble is if you had to take him back to court over it, it would be very expensive...I sympathise. Your ex sounds a lot like mine. It's a control thing, he can't control you any more in the ways he could when you were together so he's trying it like this.

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