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How big is your blended family and how do you manage space wise?

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ThisWayForCrazy Tue 01-Oct-13 12:52:41

We have a 3 bed and 6 DS/DSS's.

ATM we still have the two youngest in with us. My eldest has SEN so can not share a room and the 3 DSS's shared one room.

However, my eldest has moved out and so the DSS's will move in to his room (1 lives with us, the other 2 stay now and again) and the 2 youngest will go in to their own room. I can not wait!

purpleroses Mon 30-Sep-13 11:33:34

We have 6 between us - DP's 4 come every weekend and mine are with us most of the time. We have 6 rooms (loft conversion and extention plus 4 to start with) but that still means 2 DCs sharing. DSS (10) and my DS (13) have shared quite happily until this weekend when somehow they've had a fall out.

My DS was attempting to help DSS clear out some of his junk (plastic toys he never plays with, etc) but DSS felt that DS was "pushing him out his own bedroom" (as we moved in with DP and his DCs). Have helped them to find some practical solutions which help with the lack of space but both boys feeling like they've lost a lot in the move right now sad

Tuckshop Mon 30-Sep-13 08:04:25

Just three of us. Me, dd, dsd. Two bedrooms. When dsd joined dd and I, I offered to swap rooms with dd so they could share the bigger room but dsd chose to sleep in the lounge.
It works surprisingly well. She's great at moving her bedding and tidying when we want to use the lounge, but I'd love to be able to give her a room of her own.

mumtobealloveragain Sun 29-Sep-13 23:49:44

We have 5 children between us in a 4 bed house.

Currently, we have a bedroom, my eldest has the dining room (used as 5th bedroom) my 2 youngest share the largest bedroom and my 2 DSC have a room each (the two smaller bedrooms). All the children except for the eldest are here 50% of the time.

We are having a baby (any day now) and of course the baby will be in with us for at least 6-12 months but then will probably either move into the smallest room or possibly share with one of the others but we haven't thought that far ahead yet!

I think it's good for all children (whether there full time of part time) to all have their own space but practically it's not possible for many families to give all the children their own rooms. Space can be their own area of their bedrooms, doesn't have to be their own separate rooms of course.

Heather67 Sun 29-Sep-13 20:37:52

Hi, I have 2 DSDs aged 15 and 11...they have their own rooms at home but share a room at ours each weekend...they've done this for the last 6 years and seemtoo be ok with it...well, no complaints yet! :-)

louby44 Sun 29-Sep-13 17:40:30

My DP initially lived with me and my 2 DS ( 6 or so years ago). I had a 4 bed house so his 2 DD shared a sofa bed when they came to stay. After about 6 months I sold my house and we bought a 5 bed house together.

All the kids had their own rooms. DSD only staying EO weekend. We also have a 'Den' - which should be the dining room, far too small for that, but we eat in the kitchen. The den is the kids room, separate TV and x box. They tend to flit between the den, the main living room and their bedrooms.

We've been here now since 2009 and its worked well. My 2 DSD are refusing to stay with us now; they want to be at home and seeing their friends and have moaned for a while about visiting. So 2 bedrooms haven't been used since mid August! Also fall out with their dad and me.

MsColour Sun 29-Sep-13 16:15:45

3 kids between us in a 3 bed house. The boys share - it is both their bedroom with their own things and both their names on the door. Very early days with us (literally just moved in this month!) Our thinking was that this way all the children get their own space some of the time. My dd in this house, my ds at this house when dss isn't with us, dss at his mum's house or if he's with us and my dcs aren't. Working OK so far but they are still quite young (two 7 yos and a 4yo) - would like to convert the loft when they are older if money allows.

TheWinterOne Sun 29-Sep-13 12:42:35

How big is your blended family?

In our household DH and I have 3 DC together and he has 2 DC from a previous relationship. I also have a daughter from a previous too.

How do you manage space wise? Is there room sharing or do they have their own room?

I have 3 DC in one room, My daughter and my DSD share and my DSS has a room of his own.

Do you class them as your DSC rooms or is it only for when they visit?

In our situation it's their room. I do potter about and clean in them if I have to but I tend to leave things as they are as they are in charge of keeping it within a reasonably tidy state. With the 2 sharing they each have a side that they can decorate how they like and call their own.

We're hoping to move at some point to a bigger place - especially as the 3 younger ones get older.

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