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I may be out of my mind but...

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BrevilleTron Wed 24-Jul-13 13:21:49

Hello all.
Turns out they didn't need to borrow Victor as Dex has managed to sort something.
I'm glad I offered though and I know they were grateful.

Sometimes it's the little things that make a friendship between parents and step parents
I wouldn't hesitate to offer again.

BrowneSugar Tue 23-Jul-13 11:31:50

You are so kind, it's great to people like you.

LJL69 Tue 23-Jul-13 11:24:27

Nice for Victor to get a holiday too

brdgrl Fri 19-Jul-13 22:05:10

That's really nice of you. smile

BrevilleTron Fri 19-Jul-13 20:41:29

Our kids get the one childhood and its up to me DH DExP and DStep to make sure they get the best one!

Seriously though I am VERY lucky with the relationship that both of DD's other parents are lovely.
That's why I want to help.

Thanks for all your opinions on this. DH is with me on this and is happy to lend Big Vic who will be in his element being a Really Useful Car

imademarion Fri 19-Jul-13 20:14:15

You give everyone hope, I love the civilised example you are setting - such a wonderful change from the usual spiteful sniping!

Your kids will benefit so so much from your adult and selfless behaviour.

How kind and I hope you get a break this summer, with or without Victor!

BrevilleTron Fri 19-Jul-13 20:11:58

Yes Victor would be fully insured. Not daft.
But they do so much for DD so while she is with me I'd like to do something for them

mouseymummy Fri 19-Jul-13 20:11:04

I think that's a brilliant idea! And can I just say, very very kind and considerate of you too!

HappyJustToBe Fri 19-Jul-13 20:10:28

I think you sound lovely and it sounds like Victor will be in safe hands.

Dolphinnoises Fri 19-Jul-13 20:10:10

Make sure Victor is insured to the eyeballs...

BrevilleTron Fri 19-Jul-13 20:08:04

For those of you who know me on here I have posted about my car Victor
And how much I love and adore him.

Just had a conversation with my DD's DStepmum.
She recently had their DD and her husband (my DEx) has the same shutdown holiday that I do.
They really wanted to go away but the car they bought (a big 7 seater) is not running. They have a very small car that they cannot get 2 baby seats luggage and 2 adults in comfortably.

My immediate solution was to say.

Want to borrow Victor? (Victor is a Rover 75 with acres of room)

I really really want them to say yes.
They NEED a break.

I'm going to phone her tomorrow for the decision.
Please cross your fingers for me that they say yes.

Normally I wouldn't lend him to ANYONE
But they are both great drivers and I think it's important that they have a holiday.

What do you think?

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