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before i go home and read the riot act yo dss, I just need to gety thoughts straight... replies not necessary!

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BroomsticksAreForFlying Wed 10-Jul-13 18:25:31

When I get home after the dc's club I will be sitting down with dss and discussing his attitude earlier on.

Ds had a 4pm doctors appt because the haufever has triggered asthma that I can't get under control. I was so relieved to be offered one that meant he didn't have to miss more school, he missed this morning because he was at the hosp. I told dss that when dd1 got home in her taxi we'd be going straight out. Dss kicked off. Into the car, and he continued and said some very rude and hurtful things.

Dss is an only half the week and one of 4 the other half. He rarely has to come with me while the others are doing their activities, but this past year I have been taking him to an extra trampoline training session that he wouldn't otherwise go to, as his mum won't take him. So I really object to some of the things he came out with because on a rare occasion he had to come out and it wasn't about him ifygwim.

So when I get home I wi be discussing the above. This is the latest of many occasions that he has been unacceptabley rude, and although dp has bollocked him, its not getting through. Can't really think of a suitable consequence either. Refuse to take to tramps on Mon, and dp will arrange someone else or tell him to cycle. Xbox is hardly played as it is. Tv hardly on. That leaves saturdays sweet ration. Think I may lay these cards out and suggest he comes up with a suitable consequence.

No replies needed, just really needed to get that written down, and straight in my head, because dss will yeah but yeah but and probably whinge that I'm too hard on him. Which, actually, its got to this point because I've let a lot slide because I appreciate the two lives he has are really hard.

Thanks for listening. I got another 20 mins to knit in the park before Badgers finishes, and I go home.

sanityseeker75 Thu 11-Jul-13 12:16:34

I think letting him come up with a list of sanctions for misbehaviour is a good idea - I hate attitude and unfortunately both DS and DSD are just getting full on teenage attitude. Much easier to discipline DS as he lives with us but harder with DSD because she is only there weekends (removing phone is most effective because they treat it like amputation).

On a separate note though my DS suffers with Asthma (severe from Nov onwards and then again triggered by pollen from March onwards). He has been given montelukast tablets that dampen allergy receptors. Takes them daily (chewable blackcurrant flavour tablet) and started at Christmas and this year whilst he has mild hayfever his asthma has remained under control. Nobody I know seems to take these though but are quiet common and effectively used in canada and states. May be worth talking to you doctors or asthma clinic about them. My doctors never prescribed them but when we went to see a respiratory nurse at hospital asthma clinic she told us about them.

babyhmummy01 Fri 12-Jul-13 22:01:00

I love my montelukast but being pg I can't take them and boy do I notice it! Hope they sort ur ss out hun

Am having dss issues myself tonight and could happily pack my bag and walk out I am so fed up. But its been one of those days and am tired I think. Mine has throwna hissy fit over food...again...happily ate 1 & half chicken burgers then decides "too much of one thing makes it taste disgusting" point blank refuses to eat it and instead spits out a massive mouthful he was chewing. DP all ready to let him get away with it but I stood my ground (this crap happens alot) and told him he either ate it or could go to bed. He refused so I sent him to bed. DP does the Disney thing and all of a sudden dss was "full" to which dp has quietly been told bullshit to cos the little swine spat the burger out but managed to eat what was left of his chips. Queue me and dp having heated discussion of his picking and choosing which rules he wants to follow when it suits grrrrrr

BroomsticksAreForFlying Mon 15-Jul-13 21:34:16

Dss took the option of choosing after I explained why I didn't think any of the consequences I'd thought of would work- he opted to walk to school with me, which really hurts him. We still have problems with attitude, but that's life. He drives me nuts trying to be an adult, but then half his life he is an only surrounded by adults, so it's not surprising.

Ds on montelukast. It's good stuff. He got eye op thurs, just to add to the mix... Dss should cope though, he got tramps, then cubs, which ds won't be in a fit state for.

Not impressed with the food... ds is a nightmare but at least dp and I are together on the subject of rules etc... next time maybe limit the number of burgers?

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