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Prom Dress - Made it all worth while

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sanityseeker75 Mon 10-Jun-13 14:42:24

As I have shared many stresses - I wanted to share my happy moments.

DSD is having leaving Prom (although only 13, they seem to get earlier?) and we went Prom dress shopping at the weekend. After trawling round the shops for 4 hours we finally found the one and it brought tears to my eyes. She looked so grown up I couldn't quite believe it.

She can be a demanding, spoilt little madam at times but I wouldn't be with out her, with out her I would never have had the same opportunities and got to share in such a special event (can't see DS showing same enthusiasm about Prom).

She was so thrilled and so thankful and I am so very proud of what a beautiful young lady that she is becoming.

Sometimes all the stresses are worth it for the magical moments like these.

brdgrl Mon 10-Jun-13 15:06:58

Nice post, sanity. I have had a few of these moments with DSD lately (she's just turned 18!) and they do feel great. When I think how far things have come with her, I do feel proud, of all of us - her, my DH, myself.
Helps to remember during the tougher moments, too!

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