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And the funny side....

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Jadems Sat 25-May-13 18:26:50

Just thought I'd share a humorous little moment with DP and DSD (9 nearly 10):

We've been doing a lot of shopping today for bump (DS) due in August. Finally got around to choosing and ordering pram, car seat, moses basket etc. Bought paint for bump's room.

Already redecorated DSDs room a few weeks back - paint, new chest of drawers, new bunk bed with under desk/shelf, lighting etc. Think she needed to reassert her presence her though a bit after all the baby purchases. She made a sign earlier - typical 'x's room - please knock (maybe) before entering' style. Which was fine. Put up on the outside of the door - no problem. Then she asked whether it was okay to put up some pictures of pop stars cut-out of magazines. Which again was fine. Just not on the walls (newly painted). But on the cupboards, bed frame etc was fine.

DP came upstairs and was rather perplexed to find them all on the door. On the outside of the door. So you could only see them from outside the room.

Was peeing myself laughing in the next room listening to DPs rather confused exchange with DSD about why they weren't 'inside' the room. Think he's going to have a lot of fun with teenage logic. Utterly stupified by the 'so people know it's my room' response. smile Just for the record we're not a boarding house - just me, DP and DSD for the moment.

Kaluki Mon 27-May-13 15:02:32

How cute!
DP overheard his son and mine plotting to get some extra money for a ds game. The plan was to both ask each of us separately for half the Money. Both of us said "we'll see"
DSS was thrilled because when DP says that it always means yes
My Ds was gutted as it usually means no when I say it!!!
Poor ds !!!

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