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Allowance for SS

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littlejosh Wed 15-May-13 10:15:14


Husband has said he wants to give monthly allowance to ss (17).

Does anyone have any suitable figures in mind or can give examples of what they do, this is so ss stops asking his mum and dad (dh) for money on the weekend to go out (and starts managing his own money etc).

Just some things to note:
SS is in college but doesn't have a job.
Does anyone pay an allowance, based on certain things e.g. until the age 18 or remains in full time education etc...

Is it better to transfer money straight into their own account, we were looking at a Cash Card Account.

I have seen other posts (and I have also posted) about this but cannot find the threads if anyone can point me the right direction Ill have a look at them again...I've tried searching but really not very good at finding info on this forum!

Lastly can we open a new account for him...were thinking of using the same bank were with just for ease and speed...

Many thanks and apologies for raising a topic I think has been done loads before...

littlejosh Wed 15-May-13 10:27:19

Found the other thread!

Fantaforever Wed 15-May-13 16:01:04

My DSS had an allowance of £30 per month but this stopped at 18.

littlejosh Wed 15-May-13 16:07:01

Dear Fanta,

Was that recently, I have suggested £40.00 and if its not enough he can get a job and top it up.

We also discussed until 18, assuming he remains in fulltime education...

Booyhoo Wed 15-May-13 16:14:06

Is this his last or first year at college? If last i wouldnt bother with an allowance. He'll be done with classes pretty soon and should be looking for a job already. If first year then i would pay an amount you think appropriate until he is finished/ leaves college. I would still be telling him to get a part time job though ( although i know its hard to get them right now so wouldnt expect miracles but a bit of effort)

Fantaforever Thu 16-May-13 12:56:47

Hi OP, yes it was until a year ago when he turned 18. He was getting an allowance from his Mother as well, I don't know how much though. We cut it at 18 because he had a part time job. It would of been stopped even if he didn't have a part time job because at 18 you are old enough to earn your spending money.

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