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How should we tell dss as and when we know we're having a baby

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K8eee Tue 30-Apr-13 14:09:33

Basically the above question, im not as of yet pregnant but am bracing myself for when i am!

We've been given an earful from dss dm, that she doesn't want to find out through dss and that we HAVE to tell her first. Tbh I don't want her knowing anyway and in my opinion I feel the best way to tell dss is when we have him to stay, and tell him face to face; rather than over the phone when: 1. He'll be distracted by the tv or a computer game or something else as he is very prone to this (much like dhsmile) and 2. Dss dm will end up having a go at us for not telling her first if we told him over the phone. In a way I kind of look at this situation as you would breaking up with a partner/boyfriend (you don't do it over the phonegrin)

I hope I don't sound selfish or make my dh sound nasty but am after some opinions on how you would deal with an awkward ex and announcing your pregnant to dss.

nicknamegame Thu 02-May-13 21:10:58

I have to say I really think you're giving way too much thought to this... When you're pregnant with your own lovely baby you won't have time to wallow in thoughts of what dss's mum thinks. If she's asking to be told that you're having a baby, I don't really think that's unreasonable given that she will be supporting your Dss with it all on a day to day basis. I found out my ex's gf was pregnant when I saw her 6months gone on the doorstep...really not cool. You seem to have set yourselves up in a bit of 'us' and 'her' camp, which I imagine might feel isolating and threatening to her. Perhaps try and let go of that and focus on your self. You might find that things settle down between you both before then anyway and you get on better.

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