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so very tired of this all.

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dotcomlovenest Mon 29-Apr-13 10:23:53

Where do I start...
Exw and dp broke up about 4 years ago.
Dp and I have been together for nearly 3 years.
She is making our lives hell.
We have 7 children between us , 3 each from previous marriages and one together.
Dp has finally agreed to taking her to court to get a contact order so she can no longer stop the children coming over.
She has had social worker, medical professionals and their dog trying to get us to look like bad parents and they all come back saying we are great and the children need to have contact with their dad.
The court case is at the end of may and we haven't seen them for nearly a month.
She is allowing supervised visits in her home. But dp is refusing this as it ends up in her screaming and crying everytime and doesn't think it is fair on the kids.
I dont miss her turning up at the house shouting the odds and hurling abuse and refusing to let the kids come in until she has had her say.
She is not going yo be allowed to come to the house after the court date as the anxiety she causes in everyone is mammoth.
She doesn't care about the childrens relationship with their dad or their sibling.
She obviously hates me.
I am very proud of dp for taking a stand and saying no. I will not be treated like this, but right now he is missing his kids and is finding it hard and wants to cave just to see them.
She is a bully and as such responds better to aggression than compliance.
Even though it is dp that is taking her to court she is treating it like a platform to air all her grievances.
Does anyone have any advice for the actual day or how dp can get to see his kids in the mean time?

NewlywedUpTheDuff Mon 29-Apr-13 12:18:40

I don't have any advice for the day unfortunately, but just want to say to stay strong it's almost over.

He is doing the right thing trying to make things easier for his children, and yours by avoiding such massive confrontation.

Hopefully everything will get sorted at the court date and you can put all this behind you and just move on and all be happy together.

Good luck! smile

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