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A success story?

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Kaluki Mon 22-Apr-13 14:53:33

I have posted on here a lot in the past about all the problems I have had with my DSC.
DSD was insecure, clingy, manipulative and spoiled and DSS was stroppy, whiny and generally hard work.
DP (Disney Dad) and I came close to splitting up over his inability to parent them properly and the effect it was having on my own dc.
But things are so much better now. DP has grown a pair at last! He has been disciplining them and sticking to it. The pocket money system is working well, rather than just constantly handing out money he now makes them earn it by good behaviour and takes it away too!
And amazingly they are responding to it, we haven't seen a tantrum for months now! DSD is still a bit clingy and can't (wont) do anything on her own and she still tries her hardest to push DSS out but she's a different girl now. She's lovely to have around and I feel quite close to her at last.
This weekend for the first time I didn't have the 'friday dread' that i used to feel before they arrived and I actually missed them when they had left. It feels like we are starting to become a family at last.
Their mum still does her best to ruin things but we don't have it all can we?!

balia Mon 22-Apr-13 19:54:55

That's brilliant! So pleased for you and your family.

brdgrl Tue 23-Apr-13 23:37:56

kaluki, I've read most of your posts here, I think. I'm really pleased it is working for you and that your DP has been actively making changes.
wine cheers!

Kaluki Wed 24-Apr-13 10:40:31

Thanks. I just hope it lasts!!
I think it will - DP is seeing the results of his discipline and loving the fact that, in his words "they are nice kids really!"
He had been battling with them for so long he had forgotten that he can enjoy spending time with them!

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