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Normal Jealousy? Or about to get worse?

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beth27123 Sat 30-Mar-13 21:53:43

Hello all,
I have been a step parent to my boyfriends three children for around a year now. He has them weekends and some of the holidays. Two daughters 6 and 7 and a son 2. Things with the two youngest couldn't be any better but things with the eldest seem to be deteriorating week by week. It started with a few nasty kicks which both bf and I ruled as rough play that she has with her father, bf Sat her down and told her kicking me is not acceptable so that stopped...two months later and were onto emotional upset from her, she has told her sister I couldn't be bothered to buy her a present (when I had already just hadn't given her it) and then gone on how the present was rubbish. Her younger sister fell in the shoes I had bought so who's fault was it? Mine for buying her rubbish shoes.
Is it just jealousy or are the two linked? Bf and I are solid but I feel silly making a fuss. I just don't take to emotional digs very well Sad.
She kept pushing Bf's arm off me tonight when I haven't seen him for a few days, he didn't say anything but in fairness I don't think he even notices!

flurp Sat 30-Mar-13 23:31:02

Sounds like my DSD but she doesn't let DP near her brother - she has lots of tricks to get his attention on to her. She does the opposite with me- if DP shows me any affection she will come and want me to hug her. I'm never sure if she actually wants a hug from me or just wants me away from her Dad. Either way I roll with it. She's an insecure child.
I would draw the line at hitting / being rude though. Bad behaviour like this is wrong whatever the reason. Your DP needs to talk to her and punish her for it or she will get worse.

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