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dss 3.5 advise needed please

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steppyhen Mon 28-Jan-13 13:57:23

Dss is 3.5 years of age spends 3days with us 4 with his mum. When at our house he is with us all the time but when he his with his mum due to work he is with dh mum fro 7 till 6pm at night 2 of dss mums days.
Anyways for a while now both dh, exp and her partner and I have all noticed his behavior changing. When he playing last night he has a big truck sort of like mechano but for a younger ages that you have to screw things together anyways noticed that all the bolts were in an exact line same with nuts then all four wheels were stacked.
Also when playing with cars and for example if we need to go out if you attempt to clean up he takes a hairy fit and cries because he says he needs to park them up and he needs to do it his way.
Another example is when putting shoes on be has to pick a step to sit on!
Is this some sort of control thing he has and is their anything we could do to help him? Or is this just normal for a three year old ? He's a very bright little boy but it is tiring when their is 20 cars needing to be parked up if you are ever in a hurrysmile

steppyhen Mon 28-Jan-13 13:59:47

Its like everything has to be in an order if anyone gets me ?! Said to dh id post on here for advise !

lostintoys Mon 28-Jan-13 14:02:16

Sounds just like DS at that age. Each and every car had to be parked in the right place before bed. Drove me round the bend but he stopped needing to do it within a few months.

steppyhen Mon 28-Jan-13 14:09:45

Aw great! Dh was worried that it had something to do with being seperated with mum! But dss has never known any difference! I thought it was just an age thing suppose you just have to be patient and let him park them cars up and be pleased he is neat and tidy ! Could be worse I suppose!

AppleAndBlackberry Mon 28-Jan-13 14:10:24

Yes, I think it's just a 3 year old thing. Mine doesn't need to arrange things, but if she's started a game she has to complete it before doing anything else, biscuits and bananas are rejected if broken, she has to put her name in exactly the same place at preschool. If I help her with something she didn't want help with (e.g. shoes) then she will undo them and start again! I think it's good to allow it as much as is practical, it helps them to know they have some autonomy, and give 5 or 10 minutes notice for leaving the house, meals etc.

flurp Tue 29-Jan-13 10:23:22

This is my DS1. He has always had little rituals and even now at 13 he still has to have things in his room arranged a certain way.
I took him to the docs and they said it is completely normal.

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