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DP's ex is ill AIBU?

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Whatsmyproblem Thu 22-Nov-12 08:20:54

DP's had his DD for five nights and his ex was supposed to take her last night for the next five nights. Yesterday she called my DP and asked him to have DD for another three nights because she's 'sick and doesnt want to spread it to DD.

This has really got on my nerves. I feel like she's always coming up with 'dog ate my homework' excuses for why she can't have their DD when she's supposed to. I said something a bit bitchy about it to DP and then immediately felt bad. But I don't think I'm BU to think this is a bit crap.


Whatsmyproblem Thu 22-Nov-12 20:35:00

Ah BlueString he already does! It's very interesting reading when it's all laid out in black and white.

He would love to be the PC/RP. But he's worried that his ex could decide to cut down the amount of time he sees DSD if he pushes her too hard. I mean if it came down to it, a judge would give her precedence wouldn't he?

I hate how she somehow calls all the shots even though DP is the primary carer in reality. Like at end of summer after he'd basically had DSD for three months solid, he went to pick up DSD as normal and his ex said that she'd decided to go away with her that night but nevermind, he could see her another day. And I just think that's such a massive liberty considering she couldn't be bothered all summer.

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