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so I read "Stepmonster" and totally get it, but now what?

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humptydidit Fri 26-Oct-12 17:46:47

After a horrendous few months with (d)sd, age 15, I came on mn and found recommendation for Stepmonster book. I got it and have read it and was shocked by how true and accurate it was, even to the point that Dsd re-enacted one of the scenarios in it within days!!!

But my question is, now what? Dp is a total model disney dad, and after reading the book I can see why he does what he does but I feel so down about the whole thing.

Many of my friends with no step children cannot understand why I haven't told dp to man up or fuck off, but I can't. Because I love him, and I am clinging to the hope that slowly but surely he is changing and that in the end we can be one family.

But it 's so frustrating. For example, Dsd currently refuses to speak to me or see me or anything else. So dp says fine, he will still see me without her - we live in separate houses on same street. But in reality it's fine because he's off work at the moment and she's at school, but out of school hours, she is trying her best to stop it. She told him she is scared of the dark so can't be left home with dss after dark. If he does manage to get away, after hours of procrastinating on her part, she will then bombard him with calls and texts to make him feel guilty and go home. He has been very good at standing his ground, well much better than he was, but she is so manipulative and I can see that he feels totally torn.

I would appreciate some support, from others in the same boat, but if you honestly think there is no future, please tell me, but be gentle <watery smile>

Apologies for being so pathetic, but it's the way I feel today!

theredhen Wed 05-Dec-12 15:20:52

"Loving relationship" not living relationship. Silly phone! grin

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