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Step daughters Facebook

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sanityseeker75 Fri 26-Oct-12 12:02:38

I am not sure if this is just me and hubby being unreasonable and not really sure where to go with this so looking to get some views.

My SD has a facebook and she is 12, me and hubby did not really agree to this but she does not live with us and her mom set it up anyway giving her an older age than she is. Last night we saw that she had posted pictures of a very provocative nature (posing in hotpants one leg out hands on hip full face of make up). She is a very petite 12 but looks about 15 in the picture, her mom had commented about how beautiful she looks but we are concerned that this is sending out the completely wrong image - she looks a lot older than her years on the picture and facebook shows her as an older age.

We do not know if we should say something but are worried that we yet again will be the wrong people and have to have the whole she doesn't want to come again senario that her moms gives every time we express our feelings towards her behaviour or if we are being old fashioned in our views and should just let it go?

sanityseeker75 Mon 05-Nov-12 09:57:39

Confugled - I am going to get DH to speak to DSD school, I know they do it in High School but she is still in middle and I think they don't do it there because they are not really meant to be old enough to be on FB anyway.

MsMadelineashton - she is very stupid sometimes, it is always about point scoring and she would never admit that on this occasion she may just have been in the wrong.

Anyway kids came at weekend (always a bit worried when we have a weekend after the weekend before as we never know quiet what we are going to get) and never said a word about it. Me and DSD went out shopping on our own for the afternoon and she still didn't say anything (this is usually when she drops little bomb shells on me). So I am hoping that she either isn't bothered because she knows that we love her regardless of the mind games or she gets her mom was just on the wind up and can see herself that she was wrong. Either way a lovely weekend was had by all grin.

HKnight Fri 09-Nov-12 05:26:35

My DSS is 11 and on facebook, my hubbie and I are his friends and his mum is not on facebook. Hubbie bought DSS a laptop for his bday/xmas (too generous imo) but upside is that if DSS posts something unsuitable on there we can tell him to take it down and threaten loss of his laptop. He did put some inappropriate comments on facebook and offensive pictures. As DSS is facebook friends with most of his extended family and mine, we say, 'so and so would be upset to see that on your wall, because xxx please can you take it down so not to hurt them.'. He also posted his contact details on his wall, and we had him remove that too, as not convinced his 'friends' are all genuine people he has met, kids are so trusting online.

My hubbie don't really like him being on facebook, but as I post a lot of pictures and updates on there for my dad and sister to see, DSS gets to be in the loop and it makes the times between contact easier for both and gives them something to chat abt on the phone. Social media is not all bad but definitely requires parental supervision.

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