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IABU and need a whinge

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balia Sat 06-Oct-12 19:50:21

Am feeling a bit narked today, just little things, but feel unreasonably cross with DSS so thought I'd work through it on here.

So, little things - like his brand new football shirt came back from his mum's a week ago with a big iron mark on the transfer bit. It has been done deliberately - DSS's mum never washes the kit (the rest of it, including socks, was still in the bag, stinking) and has form for losing or destroying clothes she doesn't like. Not DSS's fault at all - but the blank look when DH asked him about it really wound me up, as did him insisting it hadn't come out of the bag - did the fairies come and wreck his shirt whilst no one was looking?

This week the shirt is missing entirely. DSS airily said that it was on the table at home. I asked if it had been washed and he said no, that things didn't need washing if they had only been worn once (whilst running around for a whole football match in the p*ssing rain) but couldn't explain why it was out of the bag. He followed this up with 'Dad will have to pick it up tomorrow' which wound me up further.

We weren't supposed to have DSS this weekend, but his mum asked him if he wanted to go to an event on 'our' weekend, and he said yes, and then asked if he wanted to go trick or treating with his older brother (he isn't usually allowed to) so he said yes - so his mother told DH that DSS didn't want to come to us at half-term and if we didn't agree to a swap for this weekend she couldn't do it any other time.

DH is currently involved in a court process for proper holiday contact so doesn't want to rock the boat. The Cafcass report is entirely in our favour and the judge at directions was too, but DSS's mum insisted on going for a contested hearing and is trying to be as difficult as possible in the meantime.

And I'm utterly fed up with it.
And I know none of it is his fault.


Kaluki Sat 06-Oct-12 21:49:27

Here have a wine

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