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Yet again DBS is left without a coat- just a rant really

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Readyisknitting Thu 06-Oct-11 10:57:58

Dbs arrived yesterday from school, with only a pac-a-mac. I picked it up to fold, and noticed the sleeves seemed really short so had him try it on- the sleeves finished at the elbow. He's a sturdy 8, almost 9yr old (does gym so muscular top half) and it was age 5. "I tried it on yesterday when mum dug it out for me" he said. FGS I sent his thick coat over last weekend because the weather was about to turn, and it would appear it has disappeared in the pigsty (dp's word, not mine) that is his mothers house.

This is constantly happening. Last term she lost 2 school jumpers and claimed we had them. His cub t-shirt disappeared for several weeks. Today I have had to send him with a body warmer and was very grateful that he had a pac-a-mac here that does fit him.

But really. How the bloody hell can she lose a coat. And not think that he might just need it this weekend?

theredhen Thu 06-Oct-11 11:24:36

Out of sight, out of mind.

We too get accused of losing stuff - our house is tidy, ex's house is as your DP's described his ex's.

Ex never sends kids to school with a coat on a Friday, so we can provide our own coat all weekend and not lose hers. We then have to send our coat to school never to be seen again. Sigh.

The only way round it is to not send your stuff back to ex's. Not always easy if you take them to school and she picks up!

fairystepmother Thu 06-Oct-11 12:24:14

Tell me about it. Bought 3 three of the things one winter as they would vanish into BM's house never to be seen again. Wouldn't have minded if stuff had passed back and for but we usually never saw it again.

Got to the point we had to be really strict about sending them back in the same clothes they arrived in. It was the only way to avoid wasting more and more money.

We even did drop offs in school uniform on a Sunday night and my all time favourite was a pair of swimming shorts. But we stuck to our guns - had to as we're not made of money.

Readyisknitting Thu 06-Oct-11 13:47:04

It will appear- sent dp a terse text this morning and he sent a more polite one to her, so at some point it will appear. It just makes me so MAD that he misses out because of her. We now have a book that goes backwards and forwards, listing the stuff that being returned and is to be returned. She is now using it to communicate about homework too (big step forward!!!!) Nabbed the idea from the comms book that is supposed to travel with my 3 when they see their father (total idiot)

Your BM's sound even worse! The drop off in swimming shorts beats all though!

Now, does anyone want an Adams boys pac-a-mac age 5? I need it gonegrin

pyjamasinbananas Thu 06-Oct-11 13:49:55

DSDs mother is the same. She sends her here in clothes 3 sizes too small and steals all our good clothes for DSD.
Toys never return, DSDs mp3 player got sold according to DSD
Woman makes me so angry

TheBreadstick Fri 07-Oct-11 13:11:00

My DSD is still arriving in ballet pumps and summer tops! I know she has a gazzillion clothes at her mums as that's all they ever do - go shopping! I think the attire she arrives in is attempt to make us look like bad 'parents' when we take DSD out hmm ... it fails though as we have our own set of clothes here for DSD!

pyjamasinbananas Fri 07-Oct-11 13:13:33

We get DSD in t-shirts despite us taking her home in a coat we bought! Or she'll come here and it will take hours to get through the tangles in her hair. She used to live with us and it's horrible to get glimpses of how she seems to live now. She only gets food from a tin at her mums. She had no idea you could actually make spag Bol!

Readyisknitting Fri 07-Oct-11 14:22:04

That's dreadful! Poor kids, think Dss's homelife is a bit like that. No sign of the coat yet. Apparently she said she'd drop it off this morning, but with dp at work, and I'd already made plans, there's no sign of it. What goes through these peoples heads?

Enfyshedd Fri 07-Oct-11 22:15:14

DP's ex is another one like that - btw, DP is the RP after she walked out on her boys when they were 2 & 9 (3 years ago).

DSS2 lost 2 out of 3 badged school jumpers last school year before Xmas - all after he'd gone to hers wearing them (used to be dropped off on the way from school because she wouldn't pick him up). Her DD (conceived within a month of walking out on her sons and my now DP) will be starting school next year. DSS2 is now going to a new school because it's closer to where we live and has far better inspection reports. No more free school uniform for her because both DSSs come home & get changed before going over and she can't decide to send her DD to the new school because she doesn't live in the catchment area.

Still annoyed amused by a previous text to DP asking for him to send over clean clothes because there weren't any at hers for them. She doesn't pay maintenence.

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