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When as a stepmother do you just give up.

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emjanedel Mon 26-Sep-11 13:26:34

I have posted on this furom before about our very horrible and nasty contact court case.
We are due back in court on wednesday and CAFCASS have done a safeguarding check. Now 12 months ago the ex accused me of being a drunk and she was worried what would happen to her daughter because of my drink problems. CAFCASS spoke to my GP and interviewed me, CAFCASS put in a report to the court - that i didn't have any issues. Which was the truth.

Now she has rasied safeguarding issues against me. She is claiming that i have assulted by DP and put him in hospital and that the police have been involved. She is therefore saying that i am violent and not safe around her daughter.

I am not a violent and have never struck anybody let alone put them in hospital. The police have visited our house this year as i found some one in my shed at 11 at night - trying to burgle me (surely that was the right thing to do?) I am now petrified that this is going to be raised in court and hampen our case further. She is also saying that once SD heard that i had assulted her dad she wanted even less to see me. How do we get out of this one?

ladydeedy Mon 26-Sep-11 14:33:26

this is very tough. Little I can offer in way of advice but I would just continue to tell the truth. The police incident will have a ref number and they will be able to confirm the interaction you had with them about your intruder.
It sounds very much like the ex is just casting about for literally anything she can hang a story onto in regard to you, and will continue to do so ad infinitum. The only advice on this score (having been in the receiving end of this myself from DH's ex) is never ever to rise to it or respond/retaliate by trying to justify your innocence, or putting the story straight to her directly. That simply fuels the fire and if she is anything like my DH's ex she will absolutely love the fact that she's had a reaction and she'll thrive on it and start twisting everything you say to try and prove to herself (and anyone else who will listen) that you are the embodiment of hell itself and that she was right all along! Please be strong and hold your head up high. All consuming as it must seem, try not to let this woman be the focus of your thoughts.

brdgrl Mon 26-Sep-11 20:29:01

this sounds unpleasant. but surely, it won't go anywhere legally and there is nothing you need to do to address the allegations. as there is nothing to them, that will be clear (i mean, all they need to do is check the police records and they'll see that there is no record of any dv/assault) the end, it can only get her into trouble.

MrsBradleyCooper Mon 26-Sep-11 20:57:39

Bloody hell - surely she could get done for wasting police time or something? What is the matter with some people!!!

incognitofornow Mon 26-Sep-11 22:14:18

Message withdrawn

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