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Social Services / Custody

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lateatwork Sun 25-Sep-11 21:57:53

My partner is currently in discussions with his ex about custody. She wants sole custody, he wants joint custody. She and DSS live elsewhere in Europe- so not UK laws. DP has very regular contact with DSS and has prioritised this over the years.

So, he has been asked to prove that he hasnt had dealings with social services here in the UK. He hasnt, we havent. Has anyone heard of this? For me, this is just plain weird. I am trying not to get too defensive about it, but it feels like our family reputation is being called into question. If I put that aside, and just get on and prove it, does anyone know who I need to contact and what I need to ask for? I just cant help thinking that even asking for this, means that you do have contact with SS iyswim.

Also, both myself and the EX's new partner have been asked to attend an interview. Has anyone had to have one of these as part of a custody situation?

any insight appreciated!

glasscompletelybroken Mon 26-Sep-11 09:26:34

How bizarre. The only way to "prove" you haven't had dealings with SS is to contact them and ask them to write a letter confirming this. After which, of course, you will have had dealngs with them...

lateatwork Mon 26-Sep-11 09:49:24

yeah.. I agree... I have sent an email to DP's lawyer and asked if something has been 'lost in translation'... maybe they are actually asking for something completely different.... but i just get really suspicious of his EX as she is always plotting something, so am wondering if she is behind this and what she is up to this time...

incognitofornow Mon 26-Sep-11 22:12:23

Message withdrawn

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