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OMG what have I done!

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Enfyshedd Thu 22-Sep-11 05:38:41

Ok then, I have a doctor's appointment this morning to confirm what the big blue cross on the little white stick is telling me (and DP). shock

I'm 29 and moved in with DP and his 2 DSs (5 & 12) 13 months ago. DP proposed last Xmas and we've sort of been trying for the last 6 months - but now it looks like it might actually be happening!!!

Question is, how/when do I tell the boys? They both like me and gave a huge thumbs up to their dad for proposing (eldest gave his approval to the ring), and they've both mentioned about if we added to our number, but when is a good time to do it?

I am tempted to leave it a couple of weeks, if only to tell them the day before DP's ex who walked out on them gets married hmm (wanted a little devil there really), but am I better telling them sooner rather than later? Of course, if I'm about to start hogging the bathroom in the next couple of weeks, the eldest might guess...

Any ideas?

Sukie1971 Thu 22-Sep-11 05:50:51

Im concerned that you ask when you should tell them. This is a job for DP, as they're his children. Obviously you should be there too, but he should be the one to break the news.

I also would suggest that, as with anyone else, you and your DP should wait until you've passed the "safe" 12 week mark.

Don't use this wonderful news to score points over their mums big day. No matter how you and DP feel about her, she is their mum.

Congrats btw!

brdgrl Thu 22-Sep-11 08:13:17

oh, congratulations!
I assumed that you meant that you and DP would tell them together.

Since you've asked, I would advise you to wait. Many women do wait until after the 12 week "safe" mark, and sometimes longer when children are involved. Keep in mind that the wait will seem a lot longer to them than even to you - especially the 5 year-old!

In my case (the SCs were 12 and 14), we waited until about 15 weeks, I guess.

Also? It is a lovely feeling having that secret with your DP - hang on to it for a while! smile

Enfyshedd Sat 24-Sep-11 17:02:04

Well, the decision was taken out of my hands anyway. Yesterday before they went to their mother's, the eldest was complaining about not having enough room in our house for a scalextrix kit (we've been talking about moving for a while). DP replied that we need more room anyway, and not for a scalextrix. Eldest worked it out straight away - boys have been told to keep it quiet, and so far they seem to be doing a good job.

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