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Frustrated about holidays with dsd

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Bonkerz Sun 11-Sep-11 23:12:51

Am so annoyed with it all.

Background: I've been with dh for 9 years he has a 10 yr old dd who we have every weekend and half of all holidays. She lives in a different county to us which means that some half terms and holiday dates don't match.

We have 2 Dcs together and I have a son from previous relationship.

Every year we have a problem sorting family holiday. Generally we have a holiday in may time with dsd as dates match and then have hol in oct without dsd as dates don't match.

This year we have taken our children out of school for 5 days in order to go on our only family holiday of the year with dsd as dsd mum would not allow her time out of school. We have paid 300 more or this hol than if we took it in our half term.

Now dsd mum is saying that dsd cannot come on holiday with us again unless it's in her half term BUT we have no matching half terms next year and looking online we just cannot afford to pay the prices the companies are asking and that's not even considerig we will have to take our other children out of school again.

We know dsd school understand our complicated situation as we have spoken before with them and we could compromise with time off etc but with dsd mum being stuck on the no days off school rule we are now looking at no holidays with dsd again which breaks my heart.

Surely there is a way round this??

elastamum Sun 11-Sep-11 23:20:32

Doesnt sound like there is.....

I would never take my children out of school for a holiday and I wouldnt let my ex take our children out of school either.

It is your choice whether you take your children out of school. It seems DSD's mum has a different attitude to school attendance than you. I dont think she is being at all unreasonable.

brdgrl Sun 11-Sep-11 23:36:49

i think she's being a bit unreasonable (and holidays can be just as important and good for the kids as a few days of school!), but at the same time, i guess it is her choice. does she understand that you are still going to go - that you can't not have holidays because of the scheduling difference? you can only do what you can, and it sounds like you have tried to cope.

Bonkerz Mon 12-Sep-11 06:26:15

We didn't want to take our other two out of school but the alternative was that out 10 year old daughter would not have got a holiday with her brothers and sister this year which seemed more wrong than missing five school days at end of term.

Looks like no more holidays with dsd. She is a massive part of our family and it feels odd when she is not with us but we can't let the other three children miss out. sadsadsad

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