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well that was interesting!

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ladydeedy Mon 05-Sep-11 08:27:45

so, Sunday afternoon, DH and DSS are out playing cricket, I'm relaxing, painting my nails, hear the kitchen door open, I wander down and find DH's exw standing in my kitchen ranting because she thinks I owe her money (there's always something for her to moan about!).
I asked her to leave, she wouldnt, I ask her a second time and she wouldnt, so I had to physically shove her out the door. She held on to the doorframe screaming like a mad thing and then I had to really shove the door against her to get her out!!
I dare say she hurt her foot or something. Anyway, am thankful for my gym exercises as I am by far the stronger of the two of us!
The sad thing is her other son was in our house at the time and heard/saw it all.
I wasnt sure what to do about "recording" the incident (she is very litigious and I have no doubt that her version of events is that I made an unprovoked attack on her or something...), so I logged it with the police and have an incident number. Not sure what else to do - anyone else had any experience of this? Happy Monday everyone...

hester Mon 05-Sep-11 08:29:54

Blimey, that sounds really unpleasant for everyone. Did you really need to physically remove her? How old is her other son? How did you and dh explain it to the boys afterwards? Are they upset?

ladydeedy Mon 05-Sep-11 09:00:58

The other son is 17. She's done it before (came round and attempted to hit my DH in front of the boys), so yes I did need to physically remove her from my home.
The boys are not upset - just despairing of her.

planetpotty Mon 05-Sep-11 16:37:29

I would say you have done enough to cover your behind and just now sit it out as to whether she takes any action. I think its probably not officially right that you physically removed her but she was in your flippin' kitchen, I dont think its the crime of the century.

OMG the thought of the Exw in my kitchen, id never hear the end of the state of my oven blah blah blah smile

planetpotty Mon 05-Sep-11 16:38:16

You removing her was not the crime of the century i mean!

HarrietSchulenberg Mon 05-Sep-11 16:42:09

Why did she think you owed her money?

ladydeedy Mon 05-Sep-11 16:56:45

DSS lives with us. She took out a mobile phone contract for him a year ago (despite him saying he didnt want one). She paid the bill for the first six months, but then decided she'd make him pay for it has made him go and hand over cash to her each month. As she got him the lowest possible monthly rate the charges for calls/texts is really high (of course he doesnt see the actual bill, nor do we).
He said he doesnt want to have to go and pay for it any more and she said in that case she'd take the phone back. So got him a smartphone on a more suitable tariff (and one where we actually get to see the bill). He took the phone back.
Now, she's realised that she still has another year to go on the contract she signed, and she says it's down to me to pay her that amount! So she was standing in my kitchen, demanding £120.
I explained - it's her contract, it's in her name, she signed for it, she is responsible for it. I dont owe her anything.

ladydeedy Mon 05-Sep-11 16:58:16

sorry, realise that was a bit confusing - to clarify :
we got him a smartphone and he took the old phone back to her (the one she got him on a contract a year ago that he didnt ask for).

RandomMess Mon 05-Sep-11 16:59:55

I would have called the police grin

Keep the doors locked from now on?

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