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DH suffering from random bouts of blindness and deafness

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YouMeandDupree Wed 24-Aug-11 21:10:51

This may turn into a rant but I'm so cross and fed up of it all.

DSD(13) lives with us full time and always has. DH is totally unable to see that she ever puts a foot wrong. He's constantly saying my DD is cheeky yet when his DD gives him the attitude and says something cocky or disrespectful well whaddya know - he doesn't hear her! If she rolls her eyes at us or throws something or does something she isn't supposed to do - he mysteriously doesn't see her. Even if it's done right in front of his face.
He told me he hated the kids making a noise in the garden and made a point of going out there and shouting at them (my DS and his friend). A few nights later DSD had friends around and they were jumping around on the trampoline and SCREAMING at the tops of their voices. I said to DH "you not going to do anything about all the noise?" and he replied "I can't hear anything".

If it wasn't so irritating, this next example would be funny - I had a bottle of baileys. I noticed its contents were forever decreasing even though nobody else in the house (other than me and DSD) liked it. I mentioned it to DH who looked at the half empty bottle (which was 3/4 full the day before) and he said he couldn't tell if any had been drank hmm. The next day I heard scuttling around in the kitchen and went to investigate - I found DSD sat on the kitchen floor, fridge door open with the opened bottle of baileys in her hand. When she saw me she panicked and almost dropped it. I asked what she was doing and she said "sniffing it" as she likes the smell hmm I told DH who laughed and said "oh yes, she does like the smell". I suggested that it was a huge co-incidence that the contents of the bottle had been decreasing rapidly over the past few days and then then only other person who actually likes it was caught with it in her hand and he said "yes, it does seem a bit funny I admit but she wasn't drinking it, she wouldn't do that." He then suggested that my 9 year old could be responsible hmm

So other than a punch in the head or a kick in the balls - how do you deal with this disney dad parenting when they refuse to admit they're even doing it???

OneOfTheBoys Wed 24-Aug-11 21:48:35

Rant away!

What had H said when you've talked about this, with similar examples to the ones you've given here?

Do the dcs notice the discrepancy too?

theredhen Thu 25-Aug-11 07:14:07

From what I read on here, you are certainly not alone. I can sympathise totally because of my own experiences. It becomes a big issue when the kids start to see what is going on. I don't know what the answer is because I think the more you point it out, the more inclined they are to deny it!

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