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A nice SP post is ...nice.

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GinAndWater Mon 08-Aug-11 21:16:40

6 years in...survived blackmailing, parental alienation, manipulation, a few crises and mediation.

Lots and lots of discussions & compromises to try and make it easier and better for all children involved.

DBDs have just returned from their summer break at their mums to be with us.

No drama, no tears, no rudeness.

A big bug and a : I've missed you so much Ginny what are we up to this week ?

Just plain happy to see the other half of their family.

It does get better.

Not trying to be smug or anything but it does feel good.

GinAndWater Mon 08-Aug-11 21:20:03

*a big hug

See I got too excited there...grin

RandomMess Mon 08-Aug-11 21:52:52


That is wonderful to read, glad you've made such progress!

ladydeedy Tue 09-Aug-11 08:00:32

ah, great news!

WinterLover Tue 09-Aug-11 10:11:35

Yay Gin thats lovely grin

stabiliser15 Tue 09-Aug-11 12:32:56

Really nice that it can be like that!

brdgrl Tue 09-Aug-11 18:46:04

that's great!!! well-done, you. smile

chelen Tue 09-Aug-11 20:12:47

Thanks, I really needed that after a very scratchy day with my much loved SS, it is nice to read positive things sometimes! Pleased to hear your good news.

nenevomito Tue 09-Aug-11 22:11:39

<runs in a bashes the big bug with a newspaper>

Oh, sorry. Hug.

So pleased to hear that Gin.

WaitingForMe Fri 12-Aug-11 14:18:18

Can I add some happy news?

The status quo for the past few years has been the kids spend Christmas Eve with their mother and do the Santa thing then DP picks them up and takes them for lunch at his mothers and has them that evening.

All well and good but DP left before the youngest had had his first Christmas so he hasn't had a Christmas morning with them both (and even then the eldest was a bit young to appreciate it). It was a huge thing to ask but he gently posed the idea to his ex that this year we have Christmas eve and morning and she's agreed!

We're getting married just before Christmas and this is the best possible present I could wish for!

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