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Why I can't do it anymore!

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NHAN Sat 25-Jun-11 09:06:27

My OH and I split up last week but have no choice but to still live in the same house until i can save enough to move out with our son. I'm also expecting our second child in 7 weeks so it is all a bit strressful.
The main reason i've finally given up is his 9 yr old son, but mainly his mother. His behaviour in our home and towards me has been awful for years but worse recently, we are pretty sure has aspergers but he can control himself in other situations so i know he is nasty to me on purpose. I've treated him very well so it is nothing i am doing but i think the fact i am consistent with what he can and cannot do caused him to react. If i didn't have an impressionable 3 yr old here i would let him get on with it but everytime i tell my son not to do something he says but brother does it - how can anyone ignore that!

So because his behaviour has been so bad his mother said if it didn't improve last weekend he would not be going in the hot air balloon on holiday. He was worse than ever and his dad was disgusted with him too. They left for their 2 week holiday in Florida on wednesday morning and his dad gets a phone call yesterday (well 50 as his son was desperate to get hold of him while he was at work) to tell him he has been in a hot air balloon!!!!!!!
This was the only reason he was phoning. He knew he was not meant to go up in it if his behaviour was bad, so what does she do?? lets him go up and phone to brag about it! It wasn't that he would be left alone either as his older sister didn't go up so someone stayed on the ground with her.
I'm not suprised as she has always been useless and never followed through with any of the agreed punishments. I blame her really not him because he is only young and learning by example.
I am just so upset and angry that our family has been destroyed by all of this.

I knew having step children would be hard but i never expected this. I naively thought all mothers wanted the best for their children and would teach them manners, respect and consequences. How stupid of me! Especially as she doesn't make them wash, clean their teeth, do homework or comb nits out either. In fact i know more about them both and their lives than she does. She has even phoned me to ask what size clothes they are.
His dad has given up now too, he will obviously still be a hands on dad but said his son will never be any different because of her.

I get on well with my step daughter and she seems very close to me which makes this even worse.
I would advise anyone to stay clear of step children now, it has been absolute hell!!!!

aurorastargazer Sat 25-Jun-11 22:15:48

sad sweetheart i am so very sorry for you sadsad
what does your dp think?

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