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Dont know what to do!

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midsmom Sat 11-Dec-10 20:38:22

Hi just want a bit of reassurence and advice really please. We only started seeing DSS this year as my DP lost contact with his ex. We have a DS of our own who is 18 months and loves DSS who is 4 to pieces and just wants to play with him all the time, however DSS cringes and squirms and hoofs and puffs everytime he goes near him. Its breaking my heart to see it as my son doesnt understand that he doesnt like him. I just dont know what to do we have tried talking to him and his mom and all she says is that he doesnt like children!!! How silly is that as he has an older brother. I just feel like taking my son out and away from him when hes here just to spare his feelings.

One other major problem is christmas. We have saved all year and have really treated both DS and DSS on presents. After picking up DSS this week his ex asked us to drop some of the presents so that he actually has something to open on christmas morning. I mean what the hell has she not brought him a thing. I understand that she is a single mom to 2 children but she has a top of the range computer and everytime we go round she has had a new game or accessory for it. Surely if she just didnt buy one game that would be a present for her children. Am i being silly and over the top to think this is unreasonable.

mjinsparklystockings Sat 11-Dec-10 22:21:37

Message withdrawn

SMulledwineS Mon 13-Dec-10 13:24:02

I second MJ with the cheap stocking!!

Luckily for us exW won't let anything go between the two houses. TBH it suits us as stuff used to go over tger and not come back, plus DBD things at ours is hers and only hers (at her mums she has to share with step bro and half sister)

If she suggested our presents going over there to open she'd get told where to go!!

glassbaublescompletelybroken Mon 13-Dec-10 13:33:18

Hi midsmom, presumably DSS mum managed with christmas presents for the last few years when your DP wasn't on the scene. Sounds like she's taking the ** to be honest.

It's up to you what you do and if you can afford it the cheap stocking sounds like a good compromise.

Don't be emotionally blackmailed though into doing something you're not happy with. Unless she's completely heartless she won't let her DS have nothing to open on christmas morning.

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