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WWYD step-son

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borderslass Mon 22-Nov-10 22:24:21

DH had a son before I was with him who he tried to get contact for on numerous occasions whilst he was a child but for various reasons he wasn't allowed.
At 16 SW came to us and asked us to meet him which we did and we built up a reasonable relationship he was even calling me mum which I stopped as he has a mum.
He was moved into supported accommodation at 18 with a carer staying a few nights a week at first.Fast forward 4 years and everything has broken down he has moved his destructive, manipulating and jobless female cousin in and she is taking him for everything, we've told him as has his mother who has reached the end of her tether with him, he was assaulted a few months ago because of her and ended up with a ruptured bowel and still wont have it that she's bad news.
We've actually told him that once he sees sense and puts her out we'll start working on rebuilding a relationship DD1 doesn't think we should but his cousins GF threatened her whilst she was at work at the hospital so she has her reasons.
The only time he tries to contact us is to ask for money [we've been told by SW not to give him any money as his benefits are quite large] or send abusive texts to DH one of which he was making out to be a woman in order to split us up but he never thinks he's doing wrong.
Just don't want to say never contact us again I want to leave the door open for him.

mjinhiding Mon 22-Nov-10 23:23:06

Message withdrawn

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