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A New Thing To Feel Guilty About

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macadoodledoo Mon 08-Nov-10 19:54:42

How have others dealt with it when your relationship with a DSC has become really close/strong?

I'm really really not trying to (& know I can't) replace BM in DSD's heart or life, but after a rocky start to SFamily life (which was much more about me & DP than kids) it turns out that DSD (7) and I have got some similar tastes and often like doing the same things; so we get on well and enjoy spending time together. She's very loving towards me and, as an example, last week, both her BM and I met her from the school bus - she came to me first rather than BM & I felt guilty.

Her BM is a great Mum, loving, supportive and strong - and DSD clearly loves her to bits.

I'm worried about: (1) BM feeling bad that DSD and I have a strong bond at the moment, & (2) how I'll feel if/when I'm not 'flavour of the month' any longer! Daft situation I know!

I've worked so hard to build a strong relationship with my two DSC and it seems to be paying off - I know that should be a good thing but I've still got a damn knot in my stomach! Anyone got any pearls of wisdom??

mjinhiding Mon 08-Nov-10 19:59:02

Message withdrawn

WildistheWind Mon 08-Nov-10 21:05:50

mac I think you should pat yourself on the back and be proud.

I, too, feel guilty in the way you do with my DSD1 (she lives with me and DH) but I know I'm not taking anything away from her mum but only enriching her life and mine by having meaningful relationship.

MJ is right (as always grin) , this bond will tide you over rougher times.

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