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Stepson is changing - not for the better

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LucaSecondFloor Sat 06-Nov-10 15:30:38

I have namechanged for this as I know it's a delicate subject, and I'm a bit of a wimpy step mum!

I have been with DP for 5 years and he has DD10 and DS8. So I have known them since quite young, I have no problems with my DSD, although I get the feeling she doesn't want to like me too much out of loyalty to her Mum, but we do get along and it's pretty comfortable.

My DSS was fine with me until recently. He has always been difficult, e.g tantrums etc but he seemed to really like me, wanted to see me at bedtime, came to me if he was upset or hurt.

I noticed a change about 2 months ago, he was playing a game with DD and DP, I came in, DD said 'Luca come and do this you can be on my team' DS said 'as long as she's not on mine' !

And that was it from then on, doesn't want to be near me, won't do anything I ask, goes to DP for everything and not me. We are sat eating dinner I have made and he asks DP 'what's in this?'

We were watching a quiz show I said what I thought the answer was, he said 'what do you know, you're just a stupid office girl'

Could his mum be getting to him about me? - I just don't know why he's changing, and I really don't like him very much at the moment blush confused

mjinhiding Sat 06-Nov-10 16:54:24

Message withdrawn

ElenorRigby Sat 06-Nov-10 22:07:35

Im with mjinhiding, as far as possible nip in the bud now

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