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Thinking about starting running - any advice appreciated.

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gscrym Tue 27-May-08 12:15:26

I need to start exercising more. I feel really unfit. I was talking to one of our firemen at work last night and he started running last year and managed to take part in a marathon at the weekend.

I can't run the length of myself at the moment. Should I start by going for long walks? Also, what trainers should I use.

I've tried other forms of exercise and I usually can't get motivated or can't afford it (horse-riding was very expensive but fun).

Thanks for any help.

Furball Tue 27-May-08 13:04:48

oohh! you should join us Here

If you look at the first post on there there is a link to a podcast where you learn to run 5km in 8 or 9 weeks! easy peasy it is too, been out at 8am for a 5km run [proud] I am proof and so is everyone else on there.

top tip to avoid injury, buy the best shoes you can afford. Go to a proper running shop rather than a high street chain. If you ask on that thread for somewhere near you, someone should be able to point you in the right direction.

Good luck with it all, it is fun, honest. The podcast makes it so!

bethoo Tue 27-May-08 13:09:46

start with short distances and walk when it gets too much, gradually you will be walking less, when you can run the route without stopping then increase the distance.
i got up to 13 miles.

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