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Football/rugby/outdoor sports mums tell me about your kit

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drivingmisspotty Sun 23-Sep-18 10:23:19

My son has just joined the local under 7s football team so I am looking forward to a winter of cheering him on from the edge of the pitch. I feel the cold really easily and think I need to upgrade my coat and get some decent boots for this.

What are your must-haves for standing around in the cold/wet? I don’t have megabucks to spend but could spend £75-80 in a coat if it was going to keep me properly warm.

Amaaboutthis Sun 23-Sep-18 10:25:45

Waterproof snow boots, super thick socks, a woolly hat and a proper waterproof coat. I did splash out on a proper warm north face because at 9am on a rainy February morning literally nothing else would keep me warm and dry. Maybe look for a secondhand one on Ebay?

Amaaboutthis Sun 23-Sep-18 10:26:52

Whatever you do go for something properly waterproof, water repellent or showerproof will make you wet and miserable

drivingmisspotty Sun 23-Sep-18 12:34:28

Thanks for your tips. eBay a great idea. And yes waterproof!

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