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Cricket Tea

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AngieBolen Wed 29-Aug-18 15:37:42

I understand nothing about cricket, apart from there are 11 players and some matches are home, some of them are away.

Anyway, my question is: how often should I be expected to do the cricket tea?

If there are 11 players, and some games are away, surely it should only be once a year a most? I know it probably depends on how many teams are in the league, and how many home matches there are.

I also realise I sound really, really thick which is why I can't ask anyone in RL.

MissMarplesKnitting Wed 29-Aug-18 15:41:53

We normally do it on rotation. Works out once a season or so. Some are happy to Aldi it more often (god knows why!) I do my once a season. Mainly as it involves wasting my afternoon spending time watching my DH in admiration then clearing up after 22 gannets sweep through the clubhouse leaving a trail of crumbs....

OreliaRoc Wed 29-Aug-18 15:50:56

DH's team do it on rotation too, we did it once last season and twice this season as someone dropped out last minute.
Luckily DH loves baking so he made all the cakes and scones and sandwiches and I just had to lend a hand setting it all out on the day and making endless cups of tea.
The clubhouse was gross - no washing up liquid, anti-bac spray or any type of cleaning product and one disgusting tea towel that had gone crispy. Next year I am bringing my own cleaning stuff!

Littlefish Wed 29-Aug-18 16:02:21

"Anyway, my question is: how often should I be expected to do the cricket tea?"

At dh's club, it's the players who are written down on the rota. It's up to them to do the tea, or persuade their mother/partner to do it for them.

In general though, each player's name appears once each season.

mumsiedarlingrevolta Wed 29-Aug-18 16:06:45

Is this for DH or DC playing?
The home side will always host so no away fixtures.
For my DS1 it seemed to mostly be another Mum and me but the school did send some food. I second bringing a bag with washing up liquid, sponge, tea towels etc as facilities often grim.
You need to find out if it’s for the players, parents, spectators etc

LynetteScavo Wed 29-Aug-18 17:52:22

I'm asking because it's the 2nd time this season I've been asked and it really stresses me out.

I'm going to ask if there's a rota (I'm pretty sure there isn't!) as I would mind so much if I got more than a few of days notice.

Also, how much is normal to spend? Last time I spent £30 (at Aldi) and had receipts for that, then panicked and rushed out to buy napkins etc from Asda, which I didn't claim for.

The I found the mice droppings on the kitchen surfaces in the club house disturbing, but at least they had cleaning products!

AngieBolen Wed 29-Aug-18 18:10:13

And obviously I'm also really bad at name changing!

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