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Running shoes advice for novice

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Mummaly Tue 06-Mar-18 20:03:44

I am not a runner but would like to start, slowly. I have no arch in my feet, they are completely flat. I started up running around the block twelve years ago for a short period and went to a running shop where I was able to try various styles of running shoe, I ended up with a pair of Brooks. I stopped running and threw them out. Today I visited the same running shop and tried on various styles and brands and found that Brooks were again the best fitting and support for me. The shoes cost £120 and although I believe in buying the best and 'you get what you pay for',I thought I would ask if anyone can suggest a cheaper alternative that is just as good?! My feet are awkward and will cause me pain in my shins if they are not supported correctly.
I also need a couple of sports bras,
running tights and a light jacket so already I'm looking at £200!

Any runners out there please tell me if i should buy the Brooks or if I should try your recommendations first.

Fugitivefrombrusstice Tue 06-Mar-18 20:09:21

If I were you I would prioritise the shoes as they are the thing that can make or break comfort!

My favourite ever leggings cost £14 a pair from Tesco and my sister and SIL recommend them too. You can also get waterproof jackets cheap online and that would do to begin with as you won't need it every time you run. Sports bras can also be bought cheaply from supermarkets (unless you're really busty in which case worth spending on the infrastructure!).

ThroughThickAndThin01 Tue 06-Mar-18 20:12:25

Brooks are really excellent, I don’t wear anything else now. Could you take note of which ones fit you best and search on eBay or discount shops.

weeboysmummy Tue 06-Mar-18 20:18:17

Same as pp, take a note of model and you can usually buy cheaper online, especially if not fussed about latest model / colour.

Mummaly Tue 06-Mar-18 20:19:26

That is an option. The man in the shop suggested that too and also told me in the same breath that the rubber deteriorates over time! I like to have the approval of the shop assistant as they watch your feet while you run and can tell you which are best. But I know my size and so I could see if I can find them cheaper. Thank you, you have answered my question. Thanks to the previous responder for the tips. I'll get browsing. X

lljkk Tue 06-Mar-18 20:20:03

Crikey. Ignore the Kondo-ites & do not throw out a good pair of shoes just b/c you aren't using them. Okay, you want £120 shoes, but for god's sake treasure them. Maybe yourself wear them at least 120 times.

Savings elsewhere: You don't need lycra at all. For long time I ran in capri trousers & an old cotton t-shirt. Now my favourite running shorts I found in a charity shop for £3. Maybe a sweatshirt & a wooly hat (& mitts) on cold days. I have one sports bra. My bra cost more than my shoes, come to think of it.

Mummaly Tue 06-Mar-18 20:27:38

Lljkk too late! I threw them years ago as never thought I'd want to run again plus i moved house a hundred times, had a baby etc. Had to get rid of stuff that was no use to me at the time. Also, man in running shop said that a pair of running shoes need replacing after 500 miles, not that i'll ever reach that! I should invest and they will last a long time.

LastOneDancing Tue 06-Mar-18 20:29:33

Yes to the shoes - especially as you have support requirements. Unfortunately that does make shoes a bit more expensive,
but i over pronate & running in the wrong shoes has left me with a dodgy knee.

If you know what you want I would suggest a thorough web trawl. There are bargains to be had, especially if you are happy with last seasons colours or style. Do a search to see what differences the manufacturer has made between series - often it's only to the upper not the cushioning or support.

Shock absorber run bras on Amazon are way cheaper and there are lots of deals in running tights around at the moment as they're theoretically going out of season (if spring ever comes...!)

I bought a pair of Brookes adrenaline 18 today btw! The guy in the running shop said they're fantastic. Love them already.

LastOneDancing Tue 06-Mar-18 20:33:10

My God I'm impressed with your can do spirit lljkk !

I ran for about 30 seconds on the treadmill in my hoodie at the running shoe shop today and thought I might die. I'm a very hot & sweaty person though. I need wicking fabric. Lots & lots of wicking fabric grin

Mummaly Tue 06-Mar-18 21:32:08

Lastonedancimg, thank you! I don't care about having last season etc. I need the max height, 10mm heal height as they vary. How much did you spend on yours?

lljkk Wed 07-Mar-18 06:30:48

Were you wearing nothing under the hoody? That's what layers are for, taking off.

I think maybe I sweat less than other folk. I love running in hot weather, not a problem. (for running) I can't find any performance advantage to my 'wicking' items -- their only merit is that they 'look' the part. Where I'm from, at least 50% of casual runners are in cotton-like tops & the men almost all in gusset shorts (which is what I like, too... proper pockets!).

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