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The Rolling Football Thread 2017-18 (inc Russia World Cup 2018!)

(568 Posts)
BelfastBloke Wed 13-Dec-17 21:59:55

As in previous years, footy fans please sign in with

1. Which team you support.
2. Which country you support, or will be supporting in the World Cup.
3. Which team(s) and/or countries you loathe.
4. How you are getting your kids to follow the correct team.
5. A thought on this season (Premiership/Championship/Champions’ League/FA Cup/World Cup/all leagues world wide.)

tigerdriverII Wed 13-Dec-17 22:06:51

I’m in

1 Oxford United
2 England with trepidation plus no doubt another team that takes my fancy
3 Swindon, no particular countries
4 pure indoctrination and buying him a season ticket, he doesn’t need a lot of encouragement although he has an annoying allegiance to Real Madrid
5. Prem all over, boring now. Championship, want to see Wolves promoted. OUFC, hopefully in the L1 play off mix. World Cup, usual suspects

BelfastBloke Thu 14-Dec-17 12:29:27

Welcome, tigerdriverII.
This thread will get rolling. There's been a few of them in the past, in both the sports section and in Dadsnet.

WhiteHartLane Thu 14-Dec-17 14:23:03

1) Tottenham ( did the username give it away) also always keep an eye on my local league 1 club Gillingham
2) England
3) Millwall / MK Dons / Arsenal
4) Believe in letting my 2 choose their own teams. Eldest says he is a Spurs fan but not showing much interest in football in general really. Youngest is only 4 so we will see.
5) Premier league pretty much won by City. Man Utd to get 2nd. Other 4 big clubs not playing consistently enought to call atm. PSG, Man City to do well in CL. Top 6 club to win FA Cup (please be Spurs)

BelfastBloke Fri 15-Dec-17 07:04:35

With regards to a thought on this season, this article gives a terrifying glimpse of Manchester City's well-resourced plans for world domination of football. Not just the Premiership. World domination.

BelfastBloke Fri 15-Dec-17 21:51:53

Ah, WhiteHartLane...

1. Arsenal
2. Republic of Ireland and England
3. Not at all keen on Chelsea, nor on Portugal.
4. My 7-yr-old will go with me to Arsenal if I promise to let him play on my phone in the second half when he gets bored. He knows he can stay up if he expresses interest in matches in the evening.
5. Jack Wilshire needs to start for Arsenal (and if he does well, for England), and Arsene Out! (even though I've met him and he's lovely)

WhiteHartLane Sat 16-Dec-17 21:09:55

Not impressed with todays performance, poor all game especially Eriksen, Dele and Dier and dont even get me started on Sisokko! Take nothing away from City though, they were outstanding. At least the Gills won 4-1 though lol.
Hoping for a Liverpool loss tomorrow but think thats wishful thinking. Good goal for Ozil today. Don't think you will ever get rid of Wenger. Agree Whilshire can change a game, just needs to stay fit.

Susiesue61 Sat 16-Dec-17 21:24:55

Hi all,
1. Tottenham 😢 - useless recently but still love them!
2. England and belgium because I love Jan Vertonghen
3. Hate Chelsea (and have to hate Man Utd and Everton in this house)
4. Did really bad job with my three - all followed DH and are Liverpool fans!! They love to laugh at Tottenham. Ds2 supports Barnet - very random grin
5. We will win nothing again. Hopefully Liverpool will win something as it makes the rest of them happy. England will be useless

BelfastBloke Sun 17-Dec-17 06:33:05

Yesterday’s match arsenal v Newcastle was irritating. We scored fairly early, (all the tourists in the section didn’t know the song “1-0 to the Arsenal), and by the end we were hanging on as Newcastle bombarded us.

Bloke in my section is furious with Alexis Sanchez, screaming at him to “fuck off out of my club”.

The blokes around me, we all bring our hip flasks to share with each other at Christmastime. Whiskey, gin, brandy etc.

BelfastBloke Sun 17-Dec-17 19:54:50

Ok someone needs to beat Man Citeh now. Glad it wasn’t Spurs, but it has to be someone.

BelfastBloke Tue 19-Dec-17 18:54:12

Come on Leicester; you're playing Man Citeh tonight. You can do it!

Meanwhile Arsenal are playing West Ham tonight - and I'm not sure we can do it.

eggofmantumbi Sun 24-Dec-17 02:40:52

1. Tottenham
2. England and Germany
3. Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U, West Ham
4. Keeping it low key at the moment, she's only 9 months..... but she does have a goodie bag from the last game at WHL
5. The league is city's. The only saving grace is they play decent football so at least they're doing something with all those resources. Thought Spurs might beat them last week...haha. Bloody frustrating how close we've come twice and this year we're further away.

BelfastBloke Mon 25-Dec-17 10:08:21

What’s with all the Tottenham fans on this thread?

Happy Crimbo to all those with a mutual dislike of Chelski.

eggofmantumbi Mon 25-Dec-17 10:50:47

We get everywhere!

Just opened pochettino book and athletics mince book.... merry Christmas

BelfastBloke Mon 25-Dec-17 13:58:48

"athletics mince book"

Is that code for a Dele Alli autobiography?

eggofmantumbi Mon 25-Dec-17 16:33:39

Haha no it should say athletico mince. If you like a bit of surreal comedy it's bob Mortimer and another guy. They do a very loosely football themed podcast. It's hilarious. They have a gangs of the EPL thing which is bonkers but wet yourself funny! The spurs gang is particularly hilarious

BelfastBloke Mon 25-Dec-17 17:53:49

I will check that out, because I'm starting to become convinced that Bob Mortimer is the funniest man in Britain.

eggofmantumbi Mon 25-Dec-17 18:50:48

It's worth starting from episode 1 for the running jokes if you do

BelfastBloke Thu 04-Jan-18 14:16:49

The Arsenal v Chelsea match last night was thoroughly entertaining. Thank God their strikers were as inept as our defence.

1happyhippie Thu 04-Jan-18 14:30:00

I'm on too. (Although I won't be very popular 😂),

Chelsea fan!
Will support England in the World Cup, as always, but not holding out much hope. Think the best team we had was back in Italia 1990 with linekar and gazza!
Hate Spurs, and arsenal and Man U.
I agree, this year is city's. They play decent football and know how to get the last minute winner.
We have been pretty poor this season, it's the curse of being the league winners last year all over again!
We need a decent striker, one that's consistent. Morata missed too many easy goals last night against arsenal. Was a good game, pretty even.

WhiteHartLane Thu 04-Jan-18 14:55:30

Anyone want to make any FA Cup shock predictions? I think this round may see Southampton and Watford exit it.

BelfastBloke Fri 05-Jan-18 06:42:15

Arsenal - BelfastBloke
Chelsea - 1happyhippie
Gillingham - WhiteHartLane
Oxford Utd - tigerdriverII
Tottenham - eggofmantumbi
Tottenham - WhiteHartLane
Tottenham - Susiesue61

World Cup 2018
Belgium - Susiesue61
England - 1happyhippie
England - BelfastBloke
England - eggofmantumbi
England - Susiesue61
England - tigerdriverII
England - WhiteHartLane
Germany - eggofmantumbi

LunarGirl Fri 05-Jan-18 06:55:46

Ooh, I'm in!

1. Chelsea
2. England
3. Man U
4. Thankfully they seem to have made their own minds up, the kits we've bought them, posters on the wall and the threat of chucking them out on the streets if they support anyone else may have had a small impact grin
5. Really hope City mess up a little, suppose the Palace match was a taster of that. No problems with them winning it but I like a little excitement in the title race.
How is Mark Hughes still employed? To be fair, I hate the blame the manager for everything and sack them culture but his continued employment has surprised me.

DH reckons Chelsea will have no problem beating Barcelona. I'm sceptical. Although we did beat them in the season we won the CL...

BelfastBloke Fri 05-Jan-18 13:39:03

What, Barcelona who are leading the Spanish League by a massive margin?

Chelsea need to be better at finishing than they were Wednesday night if they want to beat Barca, LunarGirl. I was behind our goal when your strikers seemed certain to score, and fluffed it.

Welcome BTW.

BelfastBloke Sat 06-Jan-18 12:12:05

FA Cup ties today:

Fleetwood Leicester
Middlesbrough Sunderland
AFC Bournemouth Wigan
Aston Villa Peterborough
Birmingham Burton A
Blackburn Hull
Bolton Huddersfield
Brentford Notts County
Cardiff Mansfield
Carlisle Sheff Wed
Coventry Stoke
Doncaster Rochdale
Exeter West Brom
Fulham Southampton
Ipswich Sheff Utd
Man City Burnley
Millwall Barnsley
Newcastle Luton
Stevenage Reading
Watford Bristol City
Wolves Swansea
Wycombe Preston North End
Yeovil Bradford City
Norwich Chelsea

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