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Doping in Rio 2016 and sport generally

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FelicityLemon Sun 07-Aug-16 11:14:13

I didn't want to bring down the Rio thread with this topic because I do enjoy watching sports. But this is a troubling issue for sport, dopers are cheating clean athletes out of success and ultimately their livelihoods.
This is a summary the Times investigation is behind a paywall: Kenyan athletics manager Michael Rotich recalled from Rio after doping bribe report. Rotich was filmed by the two media demanding 10,000 pounds (Sh1.3 million) for agreeing to warn a British coach about imminent doping tests.
Antonis Martasidis is one of the of two athletes to be sent home on Saturday (7 August), following the suspension of Irish boxer Michael O'Reilly on Thursday. Martasidis, a Cypriot weightlifter, and an unnamed Greek competitor bring the total number of new cases since the start of the competition to three.

I hope that is it, but sadly experience tells me it won't be.

FelicityLemon Thu 11-Aug-16 21:14:49

Olympics-Doping-Kenya coach sent home after posing as athlete for dope test

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