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Prescription sunglasses for cricket

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notsomanky Sat 09-Apr-16 16:33:04

DS1 wear glasses for school/screen time, and needs then for cricket.

Ideally he needs sunglasses for cricket, but they would need to be prescription. Our usual optician (Boots) has said he needs sports goggles, not glasses. DS1, being a typical teenager, would rather die. She tried to convince him the goggles for swimming or squash would be ideal and that no-one would notice. hmm She didn't give us any other options.

Can anyone recommend anywhere on the high street? I have found a few places on line that sell them if we can get a prescription, but he really needs to be able to try them on first.

The only other thing I can think of is him wearing contacts for sport and getting normal cricket sunglasses. But he is really squeamish and I am not sure that he would be sufficiently comfortable with them do this.

bakingcupcakes Sun 10-Apr-16 13:23:49

I read your post yesterday but didn't have time to reply. Is DS under 16? You may find some places unwilling to dispense anything other than sports goggles due to the safety issues regarding children and sport.

What prescription does he have? Not all prescriptions will be suitable for sport sunglasses due to the curve on the front of the frame. If he falls into that category then he'd be looking at getting the style of sunglasses with a prescription insert at the back of it. The insert is flatter so will take the prescription but the wraparound tinted piece goes over it so you still get coverage.

I'm pretty sure Norville still do them. The cricket one was called Windrames (I think) although I've never dispensed one specifically for cricket so no sure how well it would work. Boots used to use Norville. Not sure if they still do.

I work for a different multiple now. I could have a look through our catalogues when I'm next in work if that would help?

The only other option as you've said would be contact lenses and sunnies over the top.

sooperdooper Sun 10-Apr-16 13:27:11

You can order your own prescription sunglasses online, try They send you out some free to see if you like the frames then you order them yourself.

The optician is obliged to give you a copy of the prescription for free

lamusic Sun 10-Apr-16 13:28:05

Specsavers prescribed prescription sunglasses for my 14 yo Daugherty

notsomanky Sun 10-Apr-16 14:17:44

Thanks for the replies.

bakingcupcakes DS is 14, I can't remember his exact prescription, but I am booked in for an eye test at the same opticians so I will get a copy of it then. I know it's not a particularly strong one, for the last few years they keeps saying he may not need them the next time he goes!

I now there is not a cat in hells chance of him wearing goggles, so it would be a waste of money.

Thank you for the information!

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