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Fairly new runner like me : how many times a week do you run and for how long ?

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Italianmoma1983 Wed 02-Mar-16 08:42:59

Hi there,

I have been running for 3 months now and have only recently ran my first 5 k. How many times a week shall I aim to go for a run ?

ShamefulPlaceMarker Tue 29-Mar-16 17:59:23

I go every other day.

Most recommendations say 3 times a week with some cross training (e.g. Swimming/cycling/pilates...) once a week to stave off injury.

I find I have to go out every other day as if I leave it too long I lose motivation

FishTailPlait Sat 20-Aug-16 20:58:04

I started in May & run every other day plus Parkrun on Saturdays (well a whole 4 times now!). I'm starting to up my distance from 5k to 10k so am running further each week & I've surprised myself at how much I am enjoying it!
Sorry not sure if that answers your question.

Misselthwaite Sun 21-Aug-16 23:03:28

Its whatever suits you, obviously the more you run the faster and fitter you'll be but life can get very busy so it can be hard. Do you have a goal in mind or just general fitness? I found it helped to enter a few races in order to keep me focussed on training but you may not need that.

Its good for you to try and to mix up the running. So say a longer run once a week where you could challenge yourself on distance or time spent running. Then maybe a shorter run where you push yourself to sprint for short bursts. Running up hills is also great for you so you could set yourself a hill challenge, time yourself once a week over a steepish hill and see if you can keep running to the top and then try going that bit faster the next time.

Some weeks you may not get a chance to run at all its not a problem you will not lose fitness over that time frame.

Astoria797 Wed 31-Aug-16 21:43:17

I go 3 times a week. Will spring for 2-3 mins for every ten, jog for 1, then spend 4 mins recovering. Not great but i can do this over 5 miles.

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