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British GP 2016 - ticket Q

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u32ng Sat 11-Jul-15 21:49:24

Argh! Planning a surprise present for my DH's 40th of tickets for next year's British GP. Been waiting most of the year for this moment and all of a sudden I've been caught on the hop and early bird tickets are on sale.

Technically I can afford to buy them on my bank card, but I was wanting to do it on a credit card (for security reasons and for the 21 month interest free credit period).

Unfortunately I only applied for a credit card on Friday so it'll probably be nearer the end of the week until I get the card.

Do I wait until the card comes through or just buy them now??

I've not idea if tickets can sell out this early or not but I'm panicking already!! And having to do so silently as DH obviously doesn't know!

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