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How to measure for a mountain bike ( help for a beginner ).

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Endler32 Thu 16-Apr-15 16:59:45

I'm thinking about getting a bike, I'm not doing great with jogging so thought I would give cycling a go as I used to cycle a lot as a child/teen. I'm looking for a mountain bike or hybrid as I don't plan on riding on the road, hoping to ride on cycle paths and cross country.

I have found a bike on eBay for not much money, it says the frame said is 18.5" but I have no idea if this is suitable, I am a short ass measuring at 5ft 3, how do I work out what size I need?

MeanwhileHighAboveTheField Sat 18-Apr-15 20:45:32

I think you would need a 15" inch frame bike smile

CMOTDibbler Sat 18-Apr-15 20:50:50

If you google the manufacturer and size chart, it will come up with the chart for that brand as it does vary a bit on how they describe the sizing.

But it looks like you would need a 15" in general

IUseAnyName Tue 16-Jun-15 22:10:49

Im 5'4 and on a 15" bike. 18" would be too big.

Also consider a female spec as the top tube will be shorter and suspension lighter x

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