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FFS! Why why why can't I speed up? I appear to be making like a snail....

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IrianofWay Wed 03-Sep-14 14:34:58

Long time runner. Started about 9 years ago and within a year I was running 25 miles or so a week over 3 runs. Was never a fast runner but lots of stamina. After a few years I got lots of injuries and sort of gave up. A year or so later I began again with C25K. I have done the program three times now, and twice before ended up stopping for various reasons and having to start again.

This spring I had to lose some weight. Dieted and began C25k again. Finished the program a few months ago, have done the C25K plus podcasts since then including the Stamina one (5 mins at 158 BPM, 20 mins at 160 BPM and 5 mins at 165BPM). I am running my little heart out, it feels like I am flying but I simply can't seem to cover more than a bare 5k according to my distance measurement on Google maps afterwards).

I am very tall with long legs and I simply can't understand why I am so slow. Does it matter ? No not really I guess as I fit enough to be healthy and have lost 19lbs but getting frustrated.

I have found a local running club and would quite like to join but right now I feel I'd be laughed off the running track sad

soaccidentprone Wed 03-Sep-14 14:44:39

Have you tried interval training?

IrianofWay Wed 03-Sep-14 15:04:28

Yes, one of the podcasts is interval training. I guess I should give that a go more often.

Fridayschild Sun 02-Nov-14 07:53:27

if you can do 5K have you tried park run? I find I speed up if I have someone to chase.

RudyMentary Sun 02-Nov-14 07:56:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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