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MN Peloton - Giro d'Italia, 9th May Belfast to 1st June Trieste.

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PansBigChainring Fri 21-Mar-14 16:45:51

Almost's the training regime going?

The first of the three Grand Tours, Tour of Italy, departs from Belfast with a team time trial from the Titanic shipyard, before a second day riding round the North, and then a third day from Armagh to Dublin centre, and then a flight to southern Italy and few weeks easy riding up through central Italian Apennines, over the Dolomites and a cruise through to Trieste on the Adriatic coast. No problems then...

Some useful links?

Overall route and maps

The understandably excited local Belfast press

and a bit more general fuss

Most of the usual pro-cycling suspects will be competing, and returning for the Tour de France Yorkshire in July.

Before all of this though there's a few 'classic' races to be had, but we can put those to another thread? Nothing else should get in the way of 3 days of professional racing in the Irish sunshine.

PansBigChainring Sat 22-Mar-14 10:57:01

Spring Classics thread

DramaAlpaca Sat 22-Mar-14 16:05:40

Excellent, we have our Giro thread already smile

Signing in nice & early so the peloton doesn't leave without me.

Very excited about the Irish section of the Giro [shamrock]

DramaAlpaca Sat 22-Mar-14 16:06:13

Well, I tried to post a shamrock, but it's gone!

PansBigChainring Sat 22-Mar-14 20:35:15

You can't start too early! There will be some cobbley thread 'bumps' before the start, but..having been on a TdF route, I'm not sure the folks in Belfast-Armagh-Dublin know how BIG a thing having a pro race will be. It will be stuffed with Italian media!

Shamrock - Thinking of asking HQ for a cycling emotion whilst the TdF is in England.

cremolafoam Sun 06-Apr-14 16:02:25

Clocking in to report that Belfast city is beginning to turn pink. I have my pink cardigan at the ready . Much excitement starting to build . grin lots of shops sporting Giro window stickers . Molto bene!!!

cremolafoam Sun 06-Apr-14 16:04:42

I can be your correspondent in situ.
grin - could be doing with a Giro pink smiley please mumsnet.

PansBigChainring Sun 06-Apr-14 16:54:48

Una smiley rosa would be fab, and I'd imagine lemon squeezie for Tech to do.

PansBigChainring Sun 06-Apr-14 16:55:13

Or buonissimo even!!

Floralnomad Sun 06-Apr-14 16:58:20

I love the Giro ,it's my favourite of the big tours .

FelixFelix Sun 13-Apr-14 13:38:36

Hello! Just been linked to here from the classics thread. Marking my place grin

Count me in as one of the tifosi - I'm looking forward to the Giro!

cremolafoam Sun 13-Apr-14 14:21:19

Less than a month to go.grin
Vair excited

DoctorTwo Sun 13-Apr-14 15:26:50

Is it going to be on proper telly or only on a pay channel? I only have Freesat.

PansBigChainring Sun 13-Apr-14 16:36:05

Doc - I've had a quick look and I don't think it will be live on proper telly. There'll probably be some live streaming on-line though, but you'd probably have to do a google search to check this out.

cremolafoam Sun 13-Apr-14 17:29:05

I think it will be shown
On bbcNI - some of it anyway - if you have freesat you may be able to tune your bbc to Northern Ireland region( likewise via Sky etc) certainly the time trials on 9th will be locally televised I would imagine. Anticipating lots if helicopter action overhead here anyway grin
Looking at the route, most of Belfast will be in lockdown for the day.

PansBigChainring Mon 14-Apr-14 14:25:08

Here's a pretty good guide to the Giro as well, showing the routes whilst in the North and the Republic.

Cremolafoam Wed 30-Apr-14 18:56:56

Thanks Pan.
Some newsy stuff here

We have been issued with pink scarves for work next week. It's getting quite exciting now....

PansBigChainring Wed 30-Apr-14 19:00:59

I've asked HQ for a pink jersey symbol for the Tour, or at least whilst it's on in the North and the Republic. IT would be rather cute! grin

Cremolafoam Wed 30-Apr-14 19:07:42

Yes that would be class! Even a pink would also be nice to have this bumped into Sporting Events category also.grin

HowGoodIsThat Wed 30-Apr-14 19:09:16

Chapeau to Pan for starting this year's thread!

How has winter training been for y'all?

Panwearsrosa Wed 30-Apr-14 19:12:55

I've just changed jersey!

Training has been pretty wet and cold (it was even hail stoning this afternoon) but we are hardy folk!

HowGoodIsThat Wed 30-Apr-14 19:14:51

I have been cycling all winter (bar most of Dec when I put my back out) and am starting this season in reasonable form for the first time ever. That is to say, I can cycle more than 40km without dying. Marginal gains.

Panwearsrosa Wed 30-Apr-14 19:21:04

Marginal gains indeed. I've been doing my lengthy commute during winter, and was heartily sick of being wet through twice each day. Still, I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

Cremolafoam Wed 30-Apr-14 19:56:43

I might have to name change to maglia nera. Id be lucky to do 5km without weeping:0(

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