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Thinking of buying a boat, any advice?!?

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AlternativeMoniker53 Wed 12-Mar-14 12:04:45

Other than not to do so! I was thinking of getting a small, secondhand motorboat (cabin cruiser?) with four berths and good service history, current certification etc. I know mooring is a big expense and that I need to do some sort of course first, skippering? I've sourced somewhere local offering courses and possibly mooring although I've not enquired re spaces.

What would you recommend buying as a cheap little runner, easy to control and where the four of us (I'm the smallest at 5' 7") might feasibly fit? I'm thinking of getting something entirely unglamorous and keeping it for a year to see if we actually make use of it before sinking any serious money into the endeavour. We've only ever been passengers (apart from the odd days on toppers or other small sail boats) and really could do with any advice please!

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