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Ds into football now: Age 11 -please help re presents

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goonIcantakeit Sun 24-Nov-13 22:51:34

Ds has lately developed an interest in football, something dh and i know nothing of really. He got into it because of FIFA 13 but now it has translated into real life playing and watching on tv.

I would appreciate some ideas on related presents. Thanks!

phr1 Thu 08-May-14 03:14:36

Sorry only saw this now but its never too late for presents smile
How about a football kit with socks, shin pads and shows? I sugest turfs shows rather than cleats as it is better for biginers.
You can add his name at the back of the shirt or choose a favourite player's name. Go online to any of the football clubs sites. If he likes one in particular that is easy.
Other ideas:
A nice football
Tickets to a football match

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