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Dancesport anybody?

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PolkadotsAndMoonbeams Mon 19-Aug-13 20:57:02

I just fancy a bit of a general chat about it really.

I've only ever competed on the university circuit, but would like to know a bit about open circuit too. Is it easy to get into? I've been a bit put off because I don't have dresses or anything, I've only ever danced above novice a couple of times (beginners and novice have restricted dress on the university circuit) and was lucky enough to be able to borrow, so have never needed them.

And what are the levels like? We were only allowed to dance beginner for one year, then had to move up, but that isn't the case on the open circuit is it? Ooh, and what's the difference between 'normal' competitions and medallist competitions?

So, if any of you dance/have danced competitively in the past, come and tell me what the competitions are like! Or we can chat about dresses, heel protectors and getting fake tan out of white lycra if you like grin

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