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Buying football tickets - help please for a novice

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mumnosbest Sat 17-Aug-13 11:59:49

I want to buy a pair of Arsenal tickets for DHs birthday but have no idea where to start as I've never even watched a whole game in my life! I've had a look online but wondered which sites are best for tickets and where is best in the stadium to sit?

Any advice would be much appreciated TIA x

BelfastBloke Wed 21-Aug-13 22:22:43

When is his birthday?

There are likely to be tickets available for Arsenal games, as many Gooners are pissed off with the manager right now, and so they are selling their tickets back to the club.

ONCE A GAME IS ALL SOLD OUT, we season-ticket-holders can sell our seats back to the club on TicketExchange, on the official website. If you explore the regular ticket pages on the official Arsenal site, AND the TicketExchange section as well on the official Arsenal site, you should be able to get tickets.

Category A matches are the most expensive, and least likely to be available: Man United, Man Citeh, Liverpool, Spurs etc.

Category B matches are mostly London clubs, and mid-table clubs.

Category C matches are quite cheap, e.g. Sunderland, West Brom, etc.

mumnosbest Mon 26-Aug-13 00:01:48

Thanks that's really helpful. His birthday is Nov 23rd, Arsenal are playing at home so I'm going to see if I can get tickets for that I think.

I know he's a bit fed up with the club too. He said not to waste money on a T-shirt this year as he's annoyed with how they're being managed but don't think he'd be disapointed with a chance to go watch them play.

Sunnymeg Sat 28-Sep-13 18:02:04

Hello DH is avid Arsenal fan, so I can probably help more specifically. I presume you are after tickets for the Southampton game. You need to keep an eye on the ticket/fixture section of the official website.
Arsenal operates a gate system so tickets will not be available to the general public until a few days after they are available to Red Class members. Tickets for this game go on sale to Red members on the 23rd October. If you check the website on that day it will give you the release date for the general public. It will also give you the time they are released. On release day you cannot get on to the system earlier than the given time.The website can be a bit like going round in circles. If you would rather ring instead the telephone number is 0844 277 3625 . If you are buying a ticket for a child then definitely ring. The Emirates Stadium has family friendly areas and they prefer to try and get you in one of these.

It may well be that Arsenal are a bit more popular now than when you originally posted due to Mr Ozil! If the tickets are sold out, you could look at getting him Red level membership which gives access to Arsenal Internet TV and shows some of the games not on BT or SKY. DH watches on the PC and it is his main reason for having it. We live in the South West so he only gets to about five or six games a year, but has spent many happy hours wink watching them on the net.

wizzler Mon 04-Nov-13 22:15:19

Read this thread with interest... DS is 9 and an Arsenal fan.. but we live in Yorkshire. Considering getting him tickets for a home game for Xmas, but it looks v tricky. If I enrol him as a Junior Gunner... if I understand correctly I could get a ticket for him but not me... is that right ? Any suggestions? ,< realising I should have been more appreciative when he was easily pleased with Ben 10 aliens age 5!>

mumnosbest Mon 11-Nov-13 10:17:15

Thanks for all the advice and yes they seem to be more popular and very expensive now. DH may have to be satisfied with the tour instead as tickets seem to be like gold dust

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