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Do go to the gym regularly? Do you do the same things more or less every time?

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Doshusallie Sun 04-Aug-13 16:44:25


I am a regular gym goer (about twice a week, sometimes 3 times), and I don't ache or have sore muscles the next day after my workouts. Should I for them to be doing me any good at all?

I do 40-45 minutes of cardio (a mix of cross trainer, bike, walking uphill fast on the treadmill) and am very sweaty afterwards. I then do free weights for my arms, 150 sit-ups on a ball, planks sometimes, squats with weights sometimes, use the weight machine for arms (pushing forward and pulling down), and then stretch.

If I am not upping the ante each time, or really feeling it in my body the next day, is this pretty pointless?

Interested in your opinions.

farrowandbawl Sun 03-Nov-13 17:40:34

Why not book a trainer and get some advice that way?

I go to the gym 4-5 times a week, it's addictive. The huge plus with my gym is that they have group sessions included in the turn up at a certain time and he puts up a list of things to do, a mix of weights and cardio with either a time limit or a set number of reps to do. You work as hard or as soft as you can/like but I tend to get great results from it.

The variety of excercises stops me from getting bored and the amount of stuff he puts on the board gives me something to aim for and depending on the instructor is how hard or easy the workout is/can be. We have a couple of firemen who work part time when they can in the gym as instructors and their workouts are hell at the time, but they are really, really worth it.

On top of all can book one on one sessions at an extra cost AND which is the best thing I've found, you book and appointment with one of the trainers (they try to make sure you speak to the same person every time) where they discuss the training with you and your diet, weigh and measure you and then take you around the equipment again to work out a new work out schedule to fit in with your aims and targets.

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