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So what is the Olympic 'legacy' going to be?.....

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Meglet Tue 18-Sep-12 20:34:33're all back on the wine and watching GBBO aren't you.

Well, I will start coaching my future Olympians anyway grin.

Meglet Mon 17-Sep-12 21:39:33

Are we all going to be fitter, more determined and more understanding of disability? Or will everything return to normal and the stadium end up going to a premiership club never to be used 'properly' again sad?

The kids insist on doing 'starting' blocks when we walk down the street (me "on your marks...get set...bang!........ do NOT run into the road), we might be doing a fun run soon, I've gone on a new mega health kick and managed a 30 min run at the weekend.

And I bought some goggles for swimming so I can start doing front crawl again instead of old lady breast stroke.

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