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Olympic and Paralympic athletes parade: sign in - and sob - here

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caramelwaffle Mon 10-Sep-12 13:02:44


MrsVamos Mon 10-Sep-12 21:07:00

I saw that too.

I think it was such a 'rush job' to organise the Parade, that it wasn't done properly. There were obviously several GMs who were also still working with people.

I think it's disgusting, and that there should be something formal as I said earlier, as a way to say thank you to all the GMs.

But then I guess that's the whole point of volunteering. You do it because you want to, and don't expect any thanks. sad

I also think that Team GBs success from the Olympics and Paralympics was unexpected, which threw the organisers to do 'something'.

JugglingWithBocciaBalls Mon 10-Sep-12 22:39:19

Last night .... sorry to any Games Makers who were not treated as they should have been during today's celebrations ... There were clearly many athletes and so many ordinary watchers of the games who wanted to thank you today for what you achieved in putting on these games this summer thanks

Have we run out of steam with our positivity on this thread, or can we finish with one last round of applause ... for the athletes, the Games Makers, for so many magical moments, and for a new spirit of understanding forged especially during the best Paralympics ever held ?

< applause and tears sad >

PurpleAndPoppyWearer Mon 10-Sep-12 23:00:00


<whistles> Always look on the bright side of life...

The Games were unforgettable, I am proud of our country!

MrsVamos Tue 11-Sep-12 14:43:12

I LOVED every minute.


JugglingWithPossibilities Tue 11-Sep-12 17:39:05

Have had to name change following the final parade sad ...

But inspired by the Paralympics and a guy with no legs who climbed a mountain with friends recently - who said he hoped it would encourage people to "re-think their own possibles" I am now ....


(also nicely post-modern I feel smile)


caramelwaffle Wed 12-Sep-12 00:09:43


arghhhmiddleage Wed 12-Sep-12 00:44:27

Go on then, I'll do some final positivity smile.

I spent a long weekend in London during the Olympics and was lucky enough to have tickets for athletics and hockey. I had the experience of a lifetime. The crowds, atmosphere, organisation and buzz were astounding. I could go into detail but I'd be here for hours!

And despite being a sports fan, I had never paid much attention to the paralympics before. That's all changed smile - it became about elite sport rather than participation, and has changed my perception for ever.

I just want to say a huge thank you to Seb Coe, LOCOG, TFL, the military, the GMs, the athletes and everyone else who was there in person and in spirit.

My eyes have been like a leaky tap; it's been beyond amazing; and like someone else said ,I am so proud of my country. Thank you grin

caramelwaffle Wed 12-Sep-12 13:12:59

[torch] < hopeful grin

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