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Gamesmakers have been asked to wear their gamesmaker uniform on Monday even if at their normal jobs. Going to look a right berk so probably won't. Anybody doing it?

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thatlldopigthatlldo Sat 08-Sep-12 21:05:23

I mean really. I'm bloody miles from London and have been asked to wear my uniform with pride on Monday. Really? I'd look like a right weirdo.

showtunesgirl Sun 09-Sep-12 22:37:04

Please wear it! You guys made London so lovely the last month.

PurpleAndPoppyWearer Sun 09-Sep-12 22:28:58


hippoCritt Sun 09-Sep-12 22:08:13

I want to see the shoes please

Spons Sun 09-Sep-12 22:05:00

Are you mad? Bloody wear it! I personally would LOVE to see a games maker tomorrow! People really want to say thanks!!!

KellyMarieTunstall Sun 09-Sep-12 22:03:32

I know there are at least 2 people from my place of work that have been gamesmakers and I hope they wear their uniforms tomorrow.

Go on - wear it with pride.

rubyrubyruby Sun 09-Sep-12 21:59:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Stokes Sun 09-Sep-12 20:59:54

I probably wouldn't wear it if it was me, but I would be very proud of a colleague turning up in their full uniform. Definitely wear at least part of it.

LovelyMarchHare Sun 09-Sep-12 20:25:23

I was very excited to see one when I was visiting London from the North the other week. So I would say yes, I think people would be genuinely pleased to see you in it.

GoldenPeppermintCreams Sun 09-Sep-12 20:13:45

I would! (Although I live in London)

Honestly, what's the worst that would happen? grin

ajandjjmum Sun 09-Sep-12 12:33:26

DS says no way. DD is thinking of wearing hers on the train coming home!!! smile

I would - although they have been everywhere in London for the past couple of months, it's still lovely to see them, and gives others the reason to smile or chat. To see one away from London, ie. the Midlands, would be fantastic - a real smile maker!

maxtrue Sun 09-Sep-12 12:27:17

The headteacher from our primary school wore hers on Friday it was great to see...wear it with pride you guys were fabulous

PurpleAndPoppyWearer Sat 08-Sep-12 21:47:11

I had a pink hand for a glorious hour. They all disappeared after day four wher I was...either fell apart, or were put on eBay sad.

Bluestocking Sat 08-Sep-12 21:42:42

I think you should definitely wear it! No-one will think you are a weirdo - people will think you are a gamesmaker and will be impressed - at least I would be!

thatlldopigthatlldo Sat 08-Sep-12 21:40:24

i don't have a hand? nobody gave me a hand, although i suppose in the medical team they might have got in the way a bit no?

YouBrokeMySmoulder Sat 08-Sep-12 21:39:02

Not forgetting your very important foam glad hand grin

thatlldopigthatlldo Sat 08-Sep-12 21:37:28

i have a paralympic uniform. the watch is still in the box though.
yeah, i like the shoes.
and i'm not wearing the dorky cap,i never did.

YouBrokeMySmoulder Sat 08-Sep-12 21:34:37

Ah that's why the head of swatch did some flower presenting yesterday [olympic obsessive]

PurpleAndPoppyWearer Sat 08-Sep-12 21:33:35

A red Swatch for the Olympics and a purple one for the Paralympics. They're fab!

YouBrokeMySmoulder Sat 08-Sep-12 21:31:46

A watch? envy

PurpleAndPoppyWearer Sat 08-Sep-12 21:30:42

ork work!

Don't you wear the watches? They're the best bit!

PurpleAndPoppyWearer Sat 08-Sep-12 21:29:42

I'll be wearing it, but I'll be at the parade.

Look at the Facebook groups, loads of GMs planning to wear them to ork. Just wear the top!

Games Makers are the volunteers - the purple/red tops. Not forgetting the pink/purple ambassadors.

NotALondoner Sat 08-Sep-12 21:26:58

What's a gamesmaker? Apart from seeing that this is in the Olympic topic, I am baffled.

YouBrokeMySmoulder Sat 08-Sep-12 21:26:29

I like the shoes. <dull post>

thatlldopigthatlldo Sat 08-Sep-12 21:17:14

Yes you get to keep it.
I can use the little bag and have worn the shoes for some of my days at work. I don't know what to use the rest of it for.
It's not exactly my usual style of clothing. wink

YouBrokeMySmoulder Sat 08-Sep-12 21:15:09

Well no as I'm in London and you see people in them everywhere all the time. What are you going to do with your uniform anyway. Do you get to keep it?

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