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Olympic Park for the Paralympics - what's changed?

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EugenesAxe Sat 01-Sep-12 21:50:13

Went today... only noticeable change was that many of the flowers had died or gone past their best. Didn't see any of the 'Northern Hemisphere' wildflowers that were heavy from the West Ham gate and along the river towards the stadium though.

We first went on a day pass on the Monday after opening, so everything was fresh and lovely then.

The journey home was fine - we left around 5pm (Velodrome). How many of you know about the Javelin trains? That first Monday we asked one of the officials the best route to the stadium from Victoria, and the fuckwits responded with 'Well, you could do that...' - to which I was thinking 'Yeah I know what I could do - what I'm asking you is what's BEST!'. But basically, the best way we found was Victoria line to Kings Cross/St Pan then Javelin train to Stratford Intl. The Vic line is cool because it has very few stops in Central London compared to several others. The transfer is quite long at KC, but not too bad. I was thinking today that it seemed to me there hadn't been that much publicity about the Javelins. We only discovered about them on the return home that first day, from some far more clued up people at the Stadium. Sorry for that long rant!!

GoldenPeppermintCreams Sat 01-Sep-12 21:40:02

This blogger has written about it here

I'm looking forward to taking my son to the Mascot House.

MildlyMonica Sat 01-Sep-12 21:17:17

watching with interest - going to Aquatic Centre on Monday - finishing about 2100.

ItsaTIARA Sat 01-Sep-12 10:22:53

Can any lucky people who've done both tell us how the Paralympic set up compares to the Olympic please?

Are there still the children's activities in the schools garden? What are the queues like? Is the Coke pavilion still there? Have they redone the flower gardens? How bad was the journey home at the end of the day?

We've got tickets for the athletics later on and are v excited (but worried about DS's ability to stay awake long enough to see Oscar P at 10pm and then get home).

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